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Hail to All Clothesline Artists!

By Karen Stolt, Clothesline Festival Coordinator

Working on the Clothesline Festival is one of the best parts of my job here at the Memorial Art Gallery. Getting to meet all the different artists and see all the happy smiling faces that weekend makes all the hard work we do to get to that point worthwhile.

clothesline-2008-207I also get to work all year with a great bunch of people on the Clothesline committee. This is a group of people that are very committed to making this the best show possible and they really care about everyone involved- artists, employees, volunteers and visitors.

The Clothesline committee has been hard at work again this year. We are keeping the gate price at $5 again this year, which definitely helps with getting people through the gate. We have tweaked the grounds set up to allow more traffic space for set up and tear down for the artists, and have instituted block captains to help with any issues that my come up during the festival so that we can get assistance to the artists quicker and spread the word about any important issues quickly.

nelson-almost-sold-out-nhClothesline artists return to our festival year after year because of our reputation and our friendly staff and volunteers. Year after year I hear from artists about how much they love our festival.

If you are on the fence about becoming an artist hop off and join us this year- you’ll be glad you did!

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