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When Warm, Beautiful & Useful becomes Cozy, Precious and Practical

By Kathryn Marx, Lucy Burne Gallery Intern at Memorial Art Gallery’s Creative Workshop

Mary's Cape by Mary Jasinski

The current show, Warm, Beautiful and Useful at the Lucy Burne Gallery in the Creative Workshop explores handmade, student created objects that are cozy, precious or practical. Students who participated by submitting pieces include Debbie Suffoletto, Charlene Lepel, Debbie Johnson, Linda Friedman, Katie Jaenecke, Peter Minchak, Jin Young Suh, Molly McBride, Elizabeth Houghton, Julie Engel, Phil Rogerson, Jane Betrus, Mary Sue Jack, Rose Van Tyne, Jan Ferry Axman, Lisa Fransesca-Rogerson, Mary Jasinski, Birgit Coates, and Kerry Donovan. The show is currently up and can be viewed anytime Monday through Thursday 9 am-9:30 pm, Friday and Saturdays 9 am-4:30 pm. The show is expected to be up until January 29, 2011.

Silver and Larimar Pendent with Silver Chain by Phil Rogerson

An example of a cozy piece in the show is Mary Jasinski’s wool cape. The piece is titled Mary’s Cape and is especially striking because of its embellishments and unique design. This cape definitely can fall under all three categories, cozy, precious and practical—especially in Rochester! Some other cozy fibers are scarves by Birgit Coates, Debbie Johnson and Charlene Lepel. All three scarves stand on their own while bringing cohesiveness to the show and allowing viewers to see how different artists will approach similar techniques and what will come from that.

Chain Maille Bracelets by Julie Enge

Some precious pieces in this collection include Phil Rogerson’s Silver and Larimar Pendent with Silver Chain and Julie Engel’s three Chain Maille Bracelets. Phil’s pendant contains a bright and eye-catching stone. The handmade, sterling silver bracelets were each created in a different style and each bracelet has a unique weave and clasp. The intricate designs are really impressive and must have taken quite a bit of patience on the artist’s end.

Covered Bowl by Jan Ferry Axman

One of the many beautiful and practical pieces in this show is Jan Ferry Axman’s Covered Bowl. The glaze and color really make this piece stand out in the show. Also, Linda Friedman’s Tree Leaves is an example of how a student utilizes the technique of appliqué to attach acorns to her fun and functional ceramic piece.

Tree Leaves by Linda Friedman

Please feel free to come by and see these amazing pieces for yourself. Current Creative Workshop students wishing to take advantage of the generous fiber donations the Creative Workshop received may do so. Donations include fine & weight rayon, seed rayon, jute rope, variegated seed rayon, spool rayon thread, and assorted novelty yarn.

Donations available for use by CW students

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