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Draw in Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park!

By Larissa Masny, Gallery Buzz Editor

Register Today For Our “Drawing at Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park” Short Course! Hurry! Classes start very soon! Call Memorial Art Gallery’s Creative Workshop at 585-276-8959.

You can take this class too!

Drawing at the Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park
32213 Three Thursdays, 1-4 pm, January 13-27 [taught by Phyllis Bryce-Ely]
32214 Three Saturdays, 11 am-2 pm, January 22- February 5 [taught by Christina Laurel]

Short course! Learn to draw by following the stem to the petal. Breathe new life into your drawings by sketching from the beautiful collection of growing specimens at the Conservatory. Amid blossoming and blooming flowers and trees, you’ll learn to look more closely, draw what you see, and improve your technique and compositional skills. Each instructor will approach things a little differently, but will never dictate style or subject matter.

This class meets at the renovated Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park; a one-year individual membership to the Conservatory is included in the price of the class.

Fine for beginners or those with more experience. Students under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Students will need to bring supplies (including sketchbook, drawing pencils and colored pencils) to the first class; a supply list is available at registration.

First time fee: $91 (Memorial Art Gallery members $82) Second time fee/fee for current Conservatory members: $81 (Memorial Art Gallery members $73). To register, or for more information, call Memorial Art Gallery’s Creative Workshop at 585-276-8959.

Photo by Phyllis Bryce-Ely.

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