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Wanted: Enthusiastic Audience for Kid’s Show!

By Amelia Ann Titus, Creative Workshop Burne Gallery Intern

It began with quiet rumors: Creative Workshop teachers had, reportedly, been rummaging the classroom grounds the last few weeks stealing still-warm ceramics, hoarding just-penned drawings. Why? What are they up to? Why haven’t all the student artworks gone home? There’s no thievery, no worries. Just another of our regular and wonderful student shows!

The newest Burne Gallery show offers more than sixty-five artworks from students from ten Fall Creative Workshop courses. It offers a quick look at some of the fascinating work created in the Workshop in the past few months, from bovine mutant portraiture to beautiful-and practical- clay plates. Let’s take a peek and see what’s been stirring…

“Cartooning with Color” student Jonathan Simms, for instance, has honed his drawing skills during John Kastner’s lessons and has now completed his own cartoon panel! His charming plot and vibrant loose watercolors add to the whimsy of his artwork which features an irate saltshaker and a jolly, dancing hamburger.

And Chiara Figer, a student in Eddie Davis III’s “Created in a Sketchbook” class, has culled from magazines and illustrations, nature journals and advertisements to create a bold guitar reminiscent of Picasso’s own collages. Her attention to pattern and clever use of negative space make this a bold addition.

Katherine Stevens contributed an anthropomorphic drawing created in night registrar Warren Mianecke’s “Manga and More” class. This marker and colored pencil illustration details the transition one cow undergoes in her quest to become a ticking grandfather clock. The saturated colors and styled cartoonishness of this collection make this wall space particularly entertaining.

And this cow-clock-creature isn’t the only personified artwork on display. Students from Carol Kase’s “Draw, Paint, Create” class contributed a flock of turkey candle holders for those seeking sculptural additions. The birds of this species fan their primary-colored feathers in an open display of pride. No wonder- they all came out beautifully!

And a sculptural artwork gracing the entrance to the gallery leads up the remainder of the ceramics. This work is the product of collaboration between Meredith Mitzler and her daughter Katie in Linda Delmonte’s “Clay Together” course. The sculpture’s grainy texture provides a compelling contrast to the smooth balance achieved by its geometric shapes.

This blog is designed to just give you a cursory glance at some of our newest student artworks, but you’ll have to stop by yourself to really appreciate the talent here. Swing by the Creative Workshop any time we’re open this week to see the show. We’ll be here Monday 9 am to 9 pm, Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

And please take note of our upcoming Saturday, December 11th Open House! The Workshop will be open from 11 AM to 1 PM for its participatory drawing mob (come draw with the best and the rest of us), after which time the Open House will continue from 1 to 5 PM (free admission).

Come by and unravel the mystery of what else the Burne Gallery has to offer!

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