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Friday’s ArtAwake Tickets Available at Memorial Art Gallery

Compiled By University of Rochester’s Urban Exploring Club Member Jordan Parker

Ostentatious.  Flabbergasting.  Smoldering.  Delicious.  Sonorous.  Ingenious.  Machiavellian.  Arousing.  Bubbly.  Kaleidoscopic.  Huge.  Vast.  Swell.  Art.

On April 17th, 2009, an event will take hold that is a fusion of music and art, an exploration of body and soul, a means to connect the communities of the greater Rochester area.  What is this culmination of creative, charismatic art and music you may ask?: ArtAwake.  

This Friday, ArtAwake will take hold of your soul for one sensual evening.  Behold the titillation of music and art! This stellar event will take place around 5 PM in the once barren Pixley Warehouse at 4 Pixley Industrial Pkwy, Gates, NY and will conclude around 2:30 AM. There will be delectable food from local vendors, music from 8 local bands including University of Rochester’s own Walri, and art by 130 artists from the community of Rochester. Revitalize your artistic senses with ArtAwake!

ArtAwake tickets will be available prior to the event for $6 ($4 U of R students) at the Memorial Art Gallery, Lakeshore Record Exchange, Aaron’s Alley, and The Common Market, or at the door of the Pixley Warehouse for $8 ($6 all students).

Read Democrat and Chronicle Art Critic Stuart Low preview ArtAwake here.

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