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Creative Workshop Faculty show: Experience, Indulge and Enjoy!

By Paige Smith, Creative Workshop Intern

The Creative Workshop Faculty exhibition in the Lucy Burne Gallery opened to all on August 23rd. We hope viewers will indulge in and enjoy the different colors, forms and materials on view. Those with artwork on display are not only artists, but also teachers here at the Creative Workshop. Viewing their personal work can provide a glance into each artist/teacher’s style and expertise.

Throughout this exhibition the artists use various techniques and mediums, such as terra-cotta sculpture, mixed media collage, oil pastel landscapes, painting on silk and plenty more. The diversity and creativity displayed within this faculty show hints at what we at the Creative Workshop are all about…a community of creative learning, skill building, and exchange of ideas.

Matt Crane detail sculptureThe images shown below are just a few examples of the diverse artistry, please come by to see more!

Maybe you’ll wonder, “What is this?” As in the unique terra-cotta sculpture titled Borsepatumus by Matt Crane, a children’s art teacher here at the Creative Workshop. This piece of work is a combination of twelve different animal parts, morphing into one giant species with all sorts of odd characteristics. The artist used special crawl glazes to create the distinctive surface texture.

Len painting on silk floral detailLen Brondum’s Fantasy Garden is a painting on silk which draws the eye with its vibrant hues and impressive detail. A child, Fatima Shah, age 11, participating in a Creative Workshop course commented on the painting, telling us “I like this one because it is very colorful.” Len will teach Painting on Silk this Fall.

laurel christina detail imageTo the left is Christina Laurel’s expressive, colorful mixed-media piece, 100 Butterflies: 13 and a romantic, intimate piece by Gina Zanolli titled Sketch for the Kiss. Both Christina and Gina love to teach beginners how to draw in their own studios they explore rich ideas and materials.

Zanolli Drawing detail

Below is a detail of earthenware series titled Souvenir by Romy Hosford, displaying sites around the world, captures the attention of viewers with its brilliant and unique details. Romy will be teaching occasional classes this Fall and Winter and will be finishing her Masters in Fine Arts through the Visual Studies Workshop and The College at Brockport this Fall. This work will be included in her MFA final exhibition opening the evening November 19th at Visual Studies Workshop.

romy three series imageHere at the Creative Workshop, we not only enjoy helping children and adults create and learn but also we encourage their individual abilities and feel that all should demonstrate artistry to invent, inspire and make a difference. Meet more of the artists who teach at the Creative Workshop by visiting the Workshop and seeing this show, joining us for one of the two open houses at Clothesline. Feel free to ask any of the exhibiting artists about their work—they are as articulate about what they make and why as they are talented.

This exhibit features the work of faculty and staff:
Rachael Baldanza, Teri Barlis, Sue Barnes, Len Brondum, Phyllis Bryce Ely, Tom Carpenter, Alice Chen, Lori Cooley, Matt Crane, Yvonne Cupolo, Eddie Davis, Linda Delmonte, Carolyn Dilcher-Stutz, Marilyn Feinberg, Alicia Fink, Julie Flisnik, Jess Furber, Alice Gold, Paul Harp, Mallory Hart, Sarah C. Hart, Romy Hosford, Faruk Kaiyum, Dick Kane, Carol Kase, John Kastner, Cody Kroll, Peggy LaHair-Edmunds, Christina Laurel, Fred Lipp, Jeanne Lindsay, Sue Link, Warren Mianecke, Shelly Patterson, Lisa Pelletier-Myers, Cori O’Connell, Sean O’Connell, Dejan Pejovic, Maggie Scheid, Sara Silvio, Raul Ferriera Siro, G.A. Sheller, Lynne Sherwood, Mimi Smith, Jennifer Soike, Shelly Green Stoler, Susan Sweet, Paul Allen Taylor, Nancy Topolski, Rose Van Tyne, Jillian Wheaton, Gina Zanolli.

For more about these artists, see our faculty bios online.

For more about the classes offered at the Creative Workshop, see our new brochure with classes in Fall and Winter listed. With classes running between September and March, taught by our talented faculty, and within our friendly community, we think you’ll find something you are looking for…

Fall / Winter Brochure

The Burne Gallery is open when the Creative Workshop is open—Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. When Fall classes begin Monday September 20, we will be open Monday- Thursday 9 am to 9 pm, Fridays and Saturdays from 9am to 4pm.

This exhibit will be followed in mid-October by a student and faculty portrait show.

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