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Visiting Paley in Rochester

By Marlene Hamann-Whitmore, Curator of Education

What follows is an e-mail from Lynn Vacanti, a Gallery friend and home-school mom, who attended our teacher in-service on the Paley exhibition back in May. Here she shares time spent with four teenagers as they visited the exhibition Albert Paley in the 21st Century at the Gallery, followed by a visit to public sculpture by Albert Paley right here in Rochester.

The exhibition is only up through this Sunday, June 27th, so hurry in to see it for yourself! You can download the map below and take that tour whenever it fits into your schedule.

Here’s the map they used as their guide:

And here’s their story:

Today was our MAG Paley day, and it was a great success. I took my two, and 2 of their friends with me to MAG, did a bit of prep on Paley in the car when I could get a word in edgewise. (Teens never stop talking.) The kids enjoyed the exhibit, had lots of insightful comments, and actually read about each piece and told me things I’d forgotten. I used my notes from the workshop, tidbits from your talk—all very helpful. One of the guards saw me standing in the back corner gesturing at the wall and came over and told us how it’s removed to take big pieces in and out; the kids liked knowing that.

We made a day of it with lunch at Spot and a visit to RoCo, and then began our driving tour of the sculptures around Rochester. Without a doubt this was the best part of our Paley time. We all loved stopping at each sculpture and snapping a photo. (We had 10 seconds on the bridge–a bus was bearing down on us.) The kids spent a long time climbing on Sentinel, and were really impressed with Threshold and its unusual location. A great day, and I want to thank you for it!

Here are a few photos:


P.S.: We found it ironic that the only Paley we couldn’t see was the MAG bench; it was in a box!

This last bit is sad but true: the wonderful old beech tree in front of the Gallery had passed on and had to be taken down. The Paley bench was put under cover to protect it until that task was completed.

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