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Local Children Unleash Their Inner Artist

By Emily Gage, Creative Workshop Urban Fellow Intern

On behalf of the entire Creative Workshop, we are thrilled to report that the 2010 Kids Spring Art Show is on view in our Lucy Burne Gallery! This show consists of the work of approximately 130 students aged two and a half to teen enrolled in Spring Creative Workshop classes. I had the pleasure of helping volunteers Kate Somerville and Susan Grieppe put this show up on the walls. Viewers are greeted by fun cartoon stories, colorful ceramic bottles, three-dimensional collages, and cheerful clay frogs.

Tyler GeeslerThe students of Susan Link’s Drawing and Painting Inspired by the Gallery class, ages 7-9, each created their own art galleries with paper and colored pencils. These students designed the outside of their galleries, cut a door in a top sheet of paper, and then created the inside of each gallery. These beautiful works appear as colored pencil drawings, brought to life by their brilliant colors and pop-up doors.

Diego Lee 6Heather Garrand’s Draw, Paint and Create students, ages 4-6, demonstrate their appreciation of the Memorial Art Gallery’s exhibits through monochromatic collages inspired by Albert Paley. These creative kids used brown paper, cardboard, and yarn to construct collages that literally burst up from the paper.

Jennifer Matula EditThe show features vibrant clay toothbrush holders created by the students in Kids Clay Creations, taught by Linda Delmonte. These pieces, shaped like human figures and painted with colorful glaze, are not only useful, but also fun to look at!

Rose Van Tyne’s teen students of the Ceramics Studio Class have contributed many works to this art show, including slab construction altered bottles, which they stamped with different textures and to which they added flair with coils and appliqués. They applied the finishing touches to their creations with one of two glazing techniques: brushing the glaze on and wiping it off to highlight the work’s low points, or glazing it with a dry brush to draw attention to the high areas shaped by the clay’s textures. Students in John Kastners’ Cartooning with Color class made inventive multi- panel cartoons they wrote, drew, and painted themselves. Each student chose their own subject matter — Venezia’s story is about a flower’s journey.
Venezia Hernandez Andino Edit

These amazing works will not be up for long, so I suggest a trip to the Creative Workshop on Friday, June 4th to appreciate these pieces during our Open House! If you’re interested, there’s still room in the summer kids classes!


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