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What We Did On Our Summer Vacations

Summer 2015 Lucy Burne Gallery Intern Lindsay Jones interviews Summer Youth Employment Program teen interns.

Lindsay:  As I reflected on my summer vacation, I recognized an incredible growth in myself and my peers. The Summer Youth Employment Program offers an opportunity for teens to work in a professional setting and expand their knowledge in their career path. Creative Workshop had the pleasure of working with this summer with two truly wonderful teen interns Deja Baxter and Jarron Hobbs. They offered a refreshing boost of energy and a glowing smile every time I saw them.

Though they would often remind me that they were not artists, I could see that they were just as excited to make the projects and work with the materials as the kids. Towards the end of their internship I had the opportunity to ask them a few questions about their experience. I found their answers really inspiring. Hope you do, too.

Deja Baxter in the Creative Workshop

Deja Baxter

Jarron Hobbs at the Creative Workshop

Jarron Hobbs

1. How did you get this job?
Deja: I got this job through the Rochester Works Summer Employment Program. This is the 4th year I’ve been working in this program.
Jarron: I got this job through the Rochester Works program. I also worked for the City of Rochester as well.

2. What have you found most challenging about this job?

Deja: What I have found most challenging working here is getting new kids every week for Art Day School.
Jarron: The thing I found the most challenging was trying to understand some of the art the teachers would discuss, as well as some of the gallery paintings.

3. What are your goals as far as college/occupation?
Deja: I will go to college in the fall of 2016 and major in Business Administration, and minor in music.
Jarron: I plan on going to college, majoring in business and sports management. I plan on eventually graduating from college and starting my own major corporation.

5. How have you felt this job has influenced those goals?
Deja: Yes, this job has well prepared me for the amount of working time that is required in the real world to get by as an adult.
Jarron: This job has influenced my goals by allowing me to have a better work ethic as well as allowing me to be a part of a popular establishment in the City of Rochester.

6. What have been the most exciting and inspiring moment of this experience?
Deja: Getting to know the amazing employees, and children.
Jarron: The most exciting moment of this experience has been going outside and getting to know the kids.

7. Have you found that your outlook has changed in certain situations or moments due to this experience?
Deja: Yes, my outlook on the future has changed, I realized there are some things that I really enjoy, and some things not so much.
Jarron: My outlook on art hasn’t really changed but I did notice that I have the potential to become an artist.

8. What’s your favorite story about a kid you worked with?
Deja: One time I sang to a girl a song by Sam Smith, and she said that I sounded like the girl version of him.
Jarron: One time I was playing Uno with a kid and I beat him but then I told him he could beat if he tried and he did.

Thank you so much for all your hard work at The Creative Workshop this summer, Deja and Jarron. The Creative Workshop team wishes you both all the best and can’t wait to hear about your success.


The Creative Workshop is always on the lookout for teen volunteers and college interns. Here is more information on how to apply to be a college intern at CW.

We are currently accepting applications from current college students in art, art education, or art history with significant interest in children’s interaction with museums to earn internship credit and valuable experience. See the factsheet here and click here for the application.

Email ( or call Rachael Baldanza at 585.276.8956 if you’d like to be a teen volunteer.

And click here to find out more about the Rochester Works Summer Youth Employment Program.

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