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Made with Love and Care

Written by Lindsay Jones, Summer 2015 Lucy Burne Gallery Intern

June 2015

Made with Love and Care: Adult Student Show Summer 2015

Gallery Shot

Long view of the Gallery entrance

The Adult Student Show in the Lucy Burne Gallery is filled with excitement. The range of mediums is truly fascinating. The students have worked at their trade and the pieces together create a fluid show. The key element connecting these works, I found to be nostalgia. Artworks throughout the gallery, may remind you of your favorite summer memory or the time you watched the sun set on the lake. The carefully made artworks in this show certainly tugged at my emotions.

One of my favorite pieces is that of Harry Rosen’s Many Years Together. The love of the people is clearly understood. The loving glance the two people are exchanging and their eyes sharing the same story remind us of the years they have spent together. Their eyes never quite meet my own, but it’s noticeable that they are thinking about the time they have loved one another.

Harry Rosen, Many Years Together

Harry Rosen “Many Years Together”

Another piece in the show that exuberates warm memories is David ShuttleWorth’s Red Door Taos Pueblo. It tends to hint at vacation memories because of the bright blue sky and the deep red door. As the viewer of this painting, I think of the artist as standing outside this building with his family admiring the beauty of other countries. The emotional content is really magnificent.

David ShuttleWorth, Red Door Taos Pueblo

David ShuttleWorth “Red Door Taos Pueblo”

Jason Ferguson’s Hanging Mask is no exception to the emotional content of the show. His mask is beaming with excitement. It is reminiscent of African Artwork and it provokes a celebratory feeling. There are spirals and curls framing the face and with this I am reminded of a campfire during the summer. Though, perhaps I am slighted as we enter the month of July. The mask is definitely a celebration.



Jason Ferguson, Hanging Mask

Jason Ferguson “Hanging Mask”

I found Kim Gearing’s ’59 Bonneville to be especially significant to my own life. The memory evoked in this piece is that of a teenager getting their first car. I was so drawn to this, because that is something that I am experiencing. She drew the car almost as though we, as viewers, are looking down at the car; but still we are standing directly in front of it. I see it as the beginning of a new chapter in this person’s life. I really love the story this artist brings to gallery with her drawing.

Kim Gearing’s ’59 Bonneville

Kim Gearing “’59 Bonneville”

I am so moved by this mountain painting by Bernice Shank entitled The Mountains. When you first enter the gallery, you’ll notice these brilliant colors put to great use. They create the most dream-like landscape. The light is used in such a way that will remind you of a sunset though there is no obvious evidence. I love this piece because it has the coolness of winter and the warmth of summer.

Bernice Shank, The Mountains

Bernice Shank “The Mountains”

Liz Billing’s painting titled Carousel successfully took me back to my childhood. The perspective on the piece is perfectly placed so that it will make you feel as though you are sitting on the carousel yourself. I felt like I was a child again sitting on the horse going around and around. The colors are incredibly bright and playful and remind me just what a carousel is for; fun. This very detailed painting is a wonderful reminder of childhood.

Liz Billing, Carousel

Liz Billing “Carousel”

It is this emotion and loving care that has been strung through each piece. I find it so lovely that I can look at every one of these works and have a memory or connect with the artist’s memory. Come see exactly what Adult Student Show has to offer this summer. It will be on display through August 7th. There are so many pieces and so many materials to experience here at the Lucy Burne Gallery!

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