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Voices of the Artist: Junior Version

Submitted by: Lindsay Jones, Summer 2015 Lucy Burne Gallery Intern

It’s important to know what an artist is thinking when they are creating a work. The delightful Children’s Art Show in the Lucy Burne Gallery at the Creative Workshop shows us that children have a magical way of thinking though artwork. With this idea in mind, made it my mission to learn just what these young artists had on their minds. I asked them.

The youngest of the groups I had the pleasure of talking to was Carol Kase’s Art Class for 4 to 6 year olds. The kids were beyond excited to tell me about their favorite parts of the class. Ali M. told me that the best part of class was making her bowl that is featured in the show. She says “I took a big piece of clay and just made it into a circle. Then I rolled it around and around and around!” Evelyn S.’s fish bowl is in the show. She really liked that project because her favorite part was “when we got to draw and make stuff with crayons” but she later tells me with a huge smile on her face that she “loved using the watercolor paints”. When I interrupted Christopher R.’s drawing he told me “I only like drawing, that’s my favorite. It’s ‘cause I’m always thinking!”

Ali bowl and fish bowl

I then took a trip down to Linda DelMonte’s Clay Creation Class for 7 to 9 year olds, where I was welcomed with “hey someone’s here!” The class was so excited to have a visitor and somebody new to talk to. I asked Marilena D. first about her bird house in the Children’s Art Show. She said “my favorite thing about making the bird house is by glazing it because it will look beautiful when it comes out”. Then she told me she used purple, pink and green. But she used green because “the caterpillar was on the handle so I wanted to make that green and I wanted to make the grass green”. Teagan B. told me she had her hands in the show. She said her favorite part was “making the platform” because “I’m really good at putting stamps on those”. As a class however, they all loved glazing and choosing where the bright colors went.

Marilena birdhouse - clay creations

Tegan in the Creative Workshop Spring Show

In Eddie Davis’ Cartooning Class for 8 to 12 Year Olds, students were working away at a new cartoon. I asked Will about his cartoon in the show. He said, “my favorite part was drawing the flowers; I kind of wanted to over cross the flowers or leave the separate. I like how you didn’t have to draw a specific background; you could draw whatever you wanted”. Joel told me all about “Super Spider and the rest of his team” (the character he chose to focus on for the show). He says “I liked thinking about everything he could do”. Evan was telling me about his robot. He was kind of quiet at first, but the he explained his piece by saying “it doesn’t have any colors; I don’t like using any colors ever”.

Will and Joel in the Creative Workshop

Make sure you stop by and check out these marvelous works made by our fabulous little artists. The Children’s Art Show will be up in the Lucy Burn Gallery until June 5th, and the kids will be taking down their work on the 6th. Don’t miss out on this awesome show!


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