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Mix & Matte

So, do you have the kind of mind and imagination that takes you wandering hither and yon? Are you the kind of person who, when you get on the internet to look something up, ends up a million cyber miles from your destination? Interested in a class that lets you explore? The Creative Workshop can help!

You have the kind of intuition suited to this multifaceted journey in art. Like a big “kid” you like to play with all kinds of materials: wood, paper, (scissors…oh, sorry, it’s the kid talking), paint, cardboard, buttons, coins, fabric, metal, beads, branches, etc., this class, Mixed Media & College, will lead you to pick your favorites for two and three dimensional projects. The first half of the class will focus on different types of collage, and the second half on assemblage (which is a fancy French term for putting found pieces and mixed media together to make a three dimensional object) like that pictured here.

Works be Kathleen Nicastro

Above is a piece (click on it to view a larger image) from a whimsical series I did a number of years ago which had me exploring the issues of working in a limited palette (mostly black & white), with a limited scale, and in humble material (wood). But as much as I have been involved with making art this last many years, this class isn’t about me…it’s about you, and what you’ve always wanted to make or have always wondered about making. My goal in offering this class in the Creative Workshop is to set that wild imagination of yours free enough to make what-ever it is you want to make. You will have as much freedom to work as you like, but if you seek the comforting and very necessary boundaries of limits, but can’t seem to set them for yourself, then that’s what I’m here for. I’ll help you “stick to your plan” (that’s where the Matte comes in , in case you were wondering…) and we’ll do our best collaboration in these six sessions to make and build works of art that you will be happy and proud to call your own!

Join us, won’t you on six summer Tuesday nights from 6:30 – 9:30 for grown-up fun (and besides, it’s a great excuse for getting out of doing the dinner dishes!) Hope to see you at the Workshop!

Pictured above:
Kathleen Nicastro, Winter Self Portrait, Assemblage (left) and Kathleen Nicastro, Winter Café, Assemblage (right)

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