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Young Professionals Fashioning Kimono Event Tonight 5-7 pm

By Larissa Masny, Gallery Buzz Editor

Join us for sake tastings, anime, Japanese dance, and tours at the Memorial Art Gallery tonight 5-7 pm!

http___us1.campaign-archive.com_?u=7adbc732fee143a342c633a0f&id=Here is the Facebook invitation for those of you on Facebook.

IMG_1332The Memorial Art Gallery, along with Rochester Young Professionals, The City Walk, and the New York State Bar Association Young Lawyers Section, invite you to to a evening showing of their current exhibit along with additional special presentations. Normally a $10 ticket for just the exhibit, you’ll be able to enjoy this event tomorrow for half-price! The $5 ticket can be purchased at Memorial Art Gallery’s admission desk the night of the event. (The MAG accepts cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.)

Each ticket includes museum admission from 5-9 pm, two tours (one of the Kimono exhibition at 6 pm and one of both floors of the museum at 6:30 pm), free sake tastings and complimentary snacks from 5-7 pm, along with a dance performance and anime lecture at 7 pm.

dotsOn display will be nearly 100 extraordinary examples of kimono created between the 1890s and the 1950s, telling the story of how Japan’s traditional national dress was influenced by technological advances in silk production and exposure to Western cultures. Included are everyday garments; intricately embroidered ceremonial robes; boys’ kimono stenciled with cars, airplanes and battleships; and colorful examples with Art Deco patterns that heralded the emergence of Japan’s “new woman.” This period was also to be the last era of the “living” kimono. After World War II, more affordable Western clothing became the norm though the kimono continues to be worn for formal events such as weddings and funerals, and increasingly as a fashion statement. All are drawn from the famed Montgomery Collection of Lugano, Switzerland.

The party hosts will be wearing kimono and the tables will be decorated with Japanese art available at The Gallery Store, which will also be open for shopping until 9 pm. The Gallery Store will also have vintage kimono for purchase.

The MAG’s restaurant, Max at the Gallery, will be open for dinner with seating until 8 pm, and a cash bar will be available from 5-7pm.

obi tryingAt 7 pm, guests may attend a performance by the University of Rochester Japanese dance troupe, Japan Matsuri, along with an illustrated lecture with Brian J. Larson, an assistant professor in RIT’s School of Film and Animation on animé, a style of animation that originated in Japan. Larson was formerly lead animator at Celluloid Studios, where he animated and directed television icons like Tony the Tiger, Cap’n Crunch and the Keebler Elves. Brian left Celluloid to open his own studio and added clients like Disney, Cartoon Network and Sony. His award-winning projects are primarily hand-drawn 2D films. Offered in conjunction with the exhibition Fashioning Kimono: Art Deco and Modernism in Japan.

Please forward this invitation to your friends and we look forward to seeing everyone out!

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