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Changes in the Wilson Gallery

New art has been installed just outside the Grand Gallery at MAG.

"Untitled" by Kuwayama
Tadaaki Kuwayama
American, born in Nagoya, Japan, 1932
Untitled, 1968
Acrylic paint on canvas with aluminum strips

When Tadaaki Kuwayama arrived in America in 1958, Abstract Expressionism, an often gestural, energetic, and performative style, dominated the art scene and he found himself rebelling against its aesthetic. His sleek, geometric paintings positioned him within the minimalist wave of the 1960s. Kuwayama’s distinctive style featured canvases with vivid fields of acrylic paint divided by thin strips of aluminum. “When I started my practice,” he said in a recent interview, “I felt the age of painting was over, and I wanted to make things that had no trace of painterliness in them, things that existed in a different dimension.”

detail Kuwayama

Tadaaki Kuwayama, “Untitled”, detail


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