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“It’s like Narnia in here!” A Moose, a Snowman, and a Circus

by Kate Somerville, Creative Workshop Burne Gallery Intern

There is whimsy in the air the Creative Workshop’s Burne Gallery! The Children’s Winter Student Art Show (on the walls until March 20) is in full swing and continues to delight the eye and imagination of passersby. Looking around the gallery, you can see work from students whose ages range from 4 and a half (very important to include that half!), all the way to sixteen. All of the artwork was made by children taking winter classes at the Creative Workshop. All of the student work is pretty extraordinary! And you can see all the great artwork whenever the Creative Workshop is open (Monday through Saturday, 9am to 5pm).

In one area of the gallery, a brown and beige papier mache moose gazes winsomely into the gallery, as his black, white and orange all over penguin buddy dances at his feet. They frequently receive second and third glances, often accompanied by smiles and murmurs of happy surprise. Moose, by Austin Mowers; Penguin, by CoeDee Mowers.

The ceramic sculptures are fun! Along the walls from pedestal to pedestal, you can visit an enchanted forest and camp, brave the crowds at a wild circus, or even take a trip to a well-known fast food joint, complete with golden arches and French fries. Talk about fantastically whimsical!

IMG_2902What is incredible about art in general, and with the still life featured at this show, is that even with the same subject, artists capture their own perspectives, and the students for this show created multiple ways to view just a few everyday objects—a red guitar and blue and green glass bottles—show the visitor that art takes as many forms as there are artists. A very good thing. At the Wild Circus, by Sophie Littero

IMG_2896Other students captured, with a Japanese style of drawing called manga, the snowy chill we seem to be experiencing late in the season—you can feel the cold coming right off the paper. Untitled, Lydia Turiano, age 13

IMG_2895Ceramic snowmen, inspired by the swirling snow and created by 4 to 6 year olds, gather near with their twiggy arms embracing the chill for as long as it lasts! Snowmen, created by Julie Flisnik’s Clay Play class, ages 4-6

I had a wonderful time putting this show together. The student work, how different each piece even from kids in the same class, is what really makes this show for me and for the many students and parents and gallery patrons who have already walked through and admired each work. In spring, another kids show will come together from May 22 unti June 12, featuring work from children taking spring and summer classes at the Creative Workshop.

All photographs were taken by Kate Somerville, Creative Workshop intern.

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