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Our Faces Poster

Carol Yost of our Education Department shared a note that she received from a Gates Chili teacher. Her class had recently joined us at MAG for a tour.

The teacher shared this drawing done by a young student, 5 years old. She was inspired by one of the faces on our MAG poster (cut out and shown below). It’s an example of one of the many uses teachers have found for these posters in their classroom.

MAG art and drawing

All teachers get a ‘Faces Poster’ when they come to MAG for school tours or teacher in-service workshops, and all posters include a number of curriculum-connected activities for the classroom. Here are a couple examples of the suggested related activities that can be used to bring MAG back into the classroom.

Empathetic Journaling:  Ask students to select an image from the poster. Have students imagine in writing what the person might be feeling, and what he or she may be thinking about. Ask them to write about a time when they felt the same way.

Curate a Collection: Cut apart the poster to make a set of portraiture cards. Lead students in playing a game where they sort the cards into a variety of categories.

Poetry: Have students select a work of art from the poster and use as many adjectives as they can to describe it. Ask students to create a poem with those words using 140 characters, the number Twitter allows. Then have students read their poems out loud and see if their classmates can guess which image inspired each poem.

The Gallery has a fantastic Education Department – which may be one of our best kept secrets. You can book a school tour, download lesson plans & classroom activities, and borrow materials from our Teacher Resource Center. Now you know.

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