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Boundless Creativity – The 2014 Children’s Show

Children’s artwork is absolutely uplifting. Whether it is the art of your own child or a child you’ve never met before, there’s something special about seeing the creative efforts of a young mind. The Fall 2014 Children’s Show, currently on view in the Burne Gallery, highlights the impressive work from the fall kid’s classes in the Creative Workshop. After observing the students and their progress over the past few months, I must say that I am proud of each and every student who chose to display their work in the show! What a treat it has been for me to collect and display the beautiful pieces from each of the classes.

pear by James P.

“Pear” by James P.

One piece that always catches my eye is Pear by James P, a student in Johnny Lee Smith’s class, Drawing Better. The lively, complementary colors in this painting seem to be vibrating off of the wall. As I was preparing to hang this work, James and his dad happened to walk by. After meeting James, who is modest, I was surprised to learn that he’d produced one of the most daringly bold pieces in the show! I suppose this is a testament to the power of the arts as a vehicle for personal expression.

"fish" by Wendy B.

“Rainbow Fish” by Wendy B.

An exciting moment for parents and teachers is when a child sees their name on the wall of the gallery for the first time. Some are ecstatic and yell to their parents “Mom, Mom, look! It’s me!” Others are bashful, but proud of their work. I remember Wendy B. seeing her Rainbow Fish for the first time. The young artist, only 5 years old, created a charming underwater scene for her Rainbow Fish with sand and seashells. Wendy’s dad prompted her by asking, “Who made that? Whose name is on the label?” Wendy just shyly beamed, proud of her work.

The Clay-Ville Express

“The Clay-Ville Express”

“The Clay-Ville Express” train has certainly been a crowd favorite. Each student in Linda DelMonte’s class, Clay Creations for 7-9 year olds, created a car for the train. Each student named their car and decorated it accordingly. This photo highlights Joseph’s Engine, Ava’s Glitter Express, and De’Neri’s Red Caboose. Complete with a train track and a sign, all 9 students are proud of their collaborative piece.

It is easy to understand why all the adults are so taken with the kid’s art. A child’s free-flowing creativity is something that artists in any field admire. This show is a celebration of the art created by all of the talented kids who come to the Creative Workshop every Saturday. Their work is truly inspiring – if you can, drop by and take a look at what they’ve created! This exhibit will be on view until November 22nd. Also, be sure to stop by for our Open House on December 6, 11-4 pm | FREE!

Fall 2014 Brochure

Submitted by Allison Rich, Creative Workshop intern.

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