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Echoes of the Middle Ages

Echoes of the Middle Ages

The installation of the video program “Echoes of the Middle Ages” is now complete and available in the Medieval Gallery at the Memorial Art Gallery. It was designed it to reflect the close relationships between the art and music of the European Middle Ages, and, in terms of the gallery, to provide a musical and historical context for the art on exhibit.


Leaf from an Antiphonary: Music for the Office of Matins, 1400-1499

In 2013, Michael Anderson, Associate Professor of Music at Eastman School of Music, and MAG were awarded a grant by the University Provost for a collaborative, multi-layered project called “Medieval Sights and Sounds.” The project included new recordings of previously un-recorded medieval music, a special concert, lectures, and an interactive video kiosk about medieval music and art.

We hope you enjoy this special addition to the medieval gallery. Click this link to browse more works from our online collection in the Medieval Gallery.

Nancy Norwood
Curator of European Art


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