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Beautiful Colorful Things

As summer turns into fall the leaves change and nature gives us a beautiful display of warm colors. When I look at the artwork hanging in the Burne Gallery, I am reminded of the splendid colors that nature likes to show us.

Walk into the Gallery for the Teen and Adult Student Art Show, and one is taken back by the landscape paintings. Doug Doonan’s Fiery Autumn reminds me of the leaves that crunched under my feet on my walk to the Memorial Art Gallery. It’s vibrant colors does homage to the warm colors and cool air of autumn.

Doug Doonan “Fiery Autumn”

Doug Doonan “Fiery Autumn”

Travel further into the Gallery and see Carolyn Lobkowicz’s Runaway Stripes painting. The juicy fruit on a table cloth in the sunlight warms the memories of a summer that just ended. In Peggi Fournier’s watercolor Trillium, the softness of the white flower foretells of life to come in James Pugliese’s barren Garden Pot posted nearby. Philip Wilkinson’s sculpture Black Forest, near the main desk of the Creative Workshop, teases the viewer with the cold of the winter months with its cold metallic looking ceramic base and then barren wood branch on top.


Lobkowicz Carolyn - Runaway Stripes

Carolyn Lobkowicz “Runaway Stripes”

Peggi Fournier "Trillium"

Peggi Fournier “Trillium”

Philip Wilkinson’s sculpture “Black Forest”,

Philip Wilkinson “Black Forest”

At the end of my journey through the Gallery I noticed the drippings on the sides of Eilleen Thomas’ and Linda Friedman’s ceramic Pitcher and Covered Jar. These drips could be the pitter patter of spring rain or the chilling rain of fall.

Eilleen Thomas - Pitcher and Linda Friedman - Covered Jar

Eilleen Thomas “Pitcher” and Linda Friedman “Covered Jar”

There are vibrant colorful artworks throughout the gallery and it perfectly reflects the changing colors of the seasons, outside.  We hope you’ll enjoy this harvest before it turns a little colder and we display children’s artwork.

Alyssa Hickey, Burne Gallery Intern

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