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Creative Workshop student profile – Heather Kormalos

Currently on view in the Adult Student exhibit in the Lucy Byrne Gallery, one of Heather’s latest works, Sophia, is an expressive, up-close and personal study in charcoal. We took a few minutes to hear why Heather chose to take classes at the Creative Workshop.

Heather with Sophia

Why do you take classes at the Creative Workshop?
“For enjoyment! I just enjoy drawing. This is my ‘me’ time. This is where I come to expand my drawing skills. Sometimes you need a little guidance and I can’t draw at home. I‘m having fun and improving.

Drawing gives me a sense of purpose—when a drawing is done it feels good. It’s nice to get an end product that makes other people happy as well.”

What have you learned at the Creative Workshop?
“My teacher [Gina Zanolli] tells me to work around the picture—to hop around—so I can see the whole thing. That was very helpful coming back to drawing.”

“I started when I was six—I had a talent but my family couldn’t afford classes so a scholarship helped. I took classes for at least five years in the mid 1980’s and I remember when we were asked to make drawings to inspire the gallery expansion design project at the time [the 1987 connection between Cutler Union and the Gallery]. I went to school for art, worked, and then took a break and now I’m mom with two daughters.”

What are your biggest challenges?
“Drawing small! As I tell my daughter and remind myself, we might see drawings we love, but I have to keep true to my own style.”

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