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Common Threads

There will be new art on view in the Galleries. You may begin to notice a common thread. It doesn’t have to do with medium, or era or style.

"Birdseed" by Jane Rosen

Jane Rosen (American, b. 1950)
Birdseed, 2006
Ink, casein, and beeswax on paper
Gift of Grant Holcomb in honor of Peter O. Brown, 2014.37

Image of self at earlier age

Archie Rand (American, b. 1949)
Image of self at earlier age, 1997-1998
Iris print
Gift of Grant Holcomb in honor of Susan Dodge-Peters Daiss, 2014.39

"Urchin" by Alexander Matisse

Alexander Matisse (American, b. 1984)
Urchin, 2014
Wood-fired, salt-glazed stoneware with ash glaze and slip-trailing
Given in honor of Grant Holcomb through the generosity of James Hackney and Scott Haight, 2014.40
This piece was recently seen in our Matisse ceramics show, of course, as well as on the postcards, posters, Facebook posts, etc. for that show.

Rockport Shore, 1970

Bernard Chaet (American, 1924 – 2012)
Rockport Shore, 1970
Watercolor and graphite
Gift of Pamela Miller Ness in honor of Grant Holcomb, 2014.35

Have you noticed the thread?

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