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About a week ago, we were fortunate enough to be a part of something that one rarely gets to experience. We were given 5 creative, thought provoking prezos by a group of extremely talented RIT students. It was like our own private TED Talk and then to top it off, the subject was our favorite – us! In addition, we had the unique opportunity to hear about some of the challenges that students have in feeling connected to a local civic Museum in the city where they go to college.

It all came about with a quick note from a professor who is a very dedicated member at MAG:
“I am teaching a class this spring – Principles of Advertising –  at the Rochester Institute of Technology and I’d like to give my class an assignment to come up with ideas to help the MAG increase awareness.

I’m hoping part of the experience could be having them come to the MAG & formally present their ideas to you. I’ve done this with other classes and other institutions & it has worked very well, sometimes yielding ideas that were used or engaging students to become more interested in the institution in terms of volunteering, etc.”

As it happened, we feel like MAG benefited most from the afternoon in the Auditorium. The students were articulate and came up with well-planned, interesting and in some cases – beautifully simple ideas. We were schooled on the new direction for websites – sleeker, cleaner, more user friendly and challenged to create a pop-up art installation. Overnight no less. It was suggested that food and art is always a great way to engage our target market. Food Truck Rodeo in the Sculpture Park? How cool!

The beautifully simple idea is one that can be implemented right away, is very low cost (time is money as they say) and hopefully it can catch on quickly. Create a hashtag. Or #TagtheMAG. We often use #publicart to highlight our Sculpture Park and we put #100years to good use last year during our Centennial celebration. #TagtheMAG is not too long, easy to remember and can easily cross multiple platforms. We asked permission to begin using it that same day.

MAG would like to offer a big thanks to Claire O., Amanda F., Rob R., Hayley S. and Tyler C. – and especially to Barry Strauber – Owner/CEO/Chief Storyteller at Rising for suggesting such an innovative afternoon. #successfulday


Comment from Pat Scanlon
Time: May 22, 2014, 3:42 pm

Thanks for the warm comments about the students, who are as talented and bright as they appeared to you. They make us proud all the time. (Pat Scanlon, Chairman of Communication, RIT)

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