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Archive for January, 2012

Thank you, JPMorgan Chase Foundation

On behalf of the Memorial Art Gallery, I want to express our deep gratitude to JPMorgan Chase Foundation for their lead sponsorship of our 2012 Family Day Series. The Gallery has enjoyed a longtime partnership with JPMorgan Chase; and we are most grateful for their newest funding, which will greatly assist in underwriting this year’s […]

MAG’s “Kodak moments”

We use the phrase “Kodak moments” to describe events worthy of being photographed. As the Gallery’s librarian and archivist, I think about all the documentation of daily life that those cameras enabled. Many Rochester area archives have Kodak stories to tell, and the Gallery’s archives is no different. George Eastman was one of the charter […]

Extreme Materials 2 gone but not forgotten

One of the best things about an exhibit like Extreme Materials 2 is the ripple of inspiration that travel beyond the physical time spent within the Gallery walls. Deinstallation began this week, and do you have any idea how much more quickly a show comes down? Here are few of the quotes from out Facebook […]

Winter Adult Student Show

There is something exquisite about an adult learner. Our experiences drive us to be more than we currently are; to see more, do more, to know more. Curiosity fuels our education. Many of the adult students in this current exhibition have never before shown their work. This may even be, for some, their very first […]