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Archive for August, 2010

Clothesline Artist Statistics Part II

By Shirley Wersinger, Editor/Graphics Coordinator As mentioned, compared to last year, we are down a county from 33 to 32 for M&T Bank Clothesline Festival artist representation, but we seem to have stronger concentrations in several: Lost since last year: Oswego, Herkimer Added since last year: Schuyler More artists (up from only one last year): […]

Creative Workshop Faculty show: Experience, Indulge and Enjoy!

By Paige Smith, Creative Workshop Intern The Creative Workshop Faculty exhibition in the Lucy Burne Gallery opened to all on August 23rd. We hope viewers will indulge in and enjoy the different colors, forms and materials on view. Those with artwork on display are not only artists, but also teachers here at the Creative Workshop. […]

It’s end of camp and back to school at the Workshop! At the same magic time!

By Rachael Baldanza, Creative Workshop Curriculum Director It’s funny, every summer, as each child in the Rochester region starts getting ready for school to start, we are finishing up. It’s amazing how the cumulative creativity of hundreds of children can make the summer speed by! We’ve just started the last week of children’s and adult […]

Clothesline Geographic Distribution

I like to see how good a job we are doing getting the word out about Memorial Art Gallery‘s M&T Bank Clothesline Festival September 11–12, 2010. If anyone is interested, here is this year’s geographic distribution: 421 artists* from 32 counties! 192 from Monroe Co. (45%) 60 from Erie Co. 29 from Ontario Co. 21 […]

Creative Workshop Fall Open House / Paint Pen

By Larissa Masny, Gallery Buzz Editor If you don’t have a sitter, but really want to go to this year’s M&T Bank Clothesline Festival uninterrupted, you can still bring your children and drop them off at Paint Pen! Paint Pen is free, supervised art activities for ages 4–7 and 8–12; sign in your child for […]

MAG on WXXI’s Need To Know Rochester

By Larissa Masny, Gallery Buzz Editor WXXI’s Brenda Tremblay visited the 4th Rochester Biennial exhibition and interviewed A.E. Ted Aub, one of the six artists featured in the exhibition. You can watch the in-depth, fascinating interview here:

Charming new acquisition

By Nancy Norwood, Curator of European Art We’ve installed a recent acquisition in Memorial Art Gallery‘s 2nd floor medieval gallery. Please take a close look when you have a chance—pictures don’t do it justice—it’s a terrific and very charming object! German, late 1400s Marriage Chest (Minnekästchen) Fruitwood; traces of polychromy Marie Adelaide Devine Fund, 2008.2 […]

Special Events Here Thursday and Friday

By Larissa Masny, Gallery Buzz Editor Memorial Art Gallery is hosting special events here this Thursday and Friday that we thought would be of interest to our blog readers! They include fun outdoor activities to make use of this beautiful weather we’re experiencing, and also nice air-conditioned indoor activities for those want to make use […]

Art Museums Popular with Wild Turkeys and Canadian Geese

By Larissa Masny, Gallery Buzz Editor Earlier this summer, we had a wild turkey trying to get into our museum! Here’s what happened when Canadian geese showed up at an art museum in Pasadena, California: Canada geese tour the Norton Simon Museum