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Archive for February, 2009

Calling all artists: Rochester-Finger Lakes Exhibition entries due March 27

By Chiyo Ueyama, Exhibitions Assistant Archie and Edith Bunker could have sung it on All in the Family: 35mm slides . . . those were the days. Until just two years ago, hundreds of artists sent those little slides to the Memorial Art Gallery to be considered for the Rochester-Finger Lakes Exhibition. Starting this year, […]

Three Tall Men

By Jessica Marten, Assistant Curator President’s Day 2009 In celebration of Lincoln’s bicentennial, the Memorial Art Gallery exhibition Lincoln in Rochester (2/12-4/26) gathers together over forty photographs, prints, sculptures and objects from Rochester’s cultural institutions and private lenders. Almost every work contains the wise and homely face of the 16th President of the United States […]

How We Put Up “What We Draw”

By Lauren Casler, Creative Workshop Intern February ’09’s show, What We Draw, in the Lucy Burne Gallery was a complete learning experience for me, which was exactly the experience I was looking for when I started my internship at the Memorial Art Gallery’s Creative Workshop. Our work began on this drawing show shortly after the […]

MAG Mourns William Buckett, Former Board President

By Shirley Wersinger, MAG Editor/Graphics Coordinator William Buckett, former president of the Gallery‘s Board of Managers, died on January 28, 2009. Here is an article on this long-time friend of MAG which appeared in the November-December 1996 issue of MAGazine: Bill Buckett sees his role as MAG’s new Board president as “my opportunity to say […]

Stress-Free Weddings at MAG

By Kaitlin Gray, Events Coordinator When you think of planning a wedding, you probably think of stress. Lots of stress. Chocolate cake or white cake? Tuxes or suits? Should Uncle Jim sit at this table or that table? Should the bridesmaids’ dresses be brown or light pink? Roses or peonies? What about favors? Fall or […]

Don’t Miss Dr. Shay This Sunday at MAG

This coming Sunday’s lecture (February 8th at 3:00 PM) by Dr. Jonathan Shay has been in the works for several years. What initially might seem a stretch for the Memorial Art Gallery–to host a lecture by a distinguished psychiatrist whose specialty is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder–actually has an intriguing history of its own and more connected […]