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Meet the Artist: Kathryn Bevier

For the following few weeks, we will be highlighting artists that have provided works in the Art Reflected: The Inspiration of 100 Years exhibit. Read a previous post to learn more about the Centennial exhibit and the Opening Party here.  The pieces created for this exhibit are each unique, unprecedented and will be available for sale […]

Art Reflected: The Inspiration of 100 Years

We are in celebration mode at the Memorial Art Gallery, we’ve been planning for this Centennial celebration for quite some time! 2013 begins our anniversary year, and one course of action that we took last year was to invite over seventy artists with ties to the Rochester area (at some point in their career) to […]

Volunteer Experience at the Memorial Art Gallery (part 3 of 3)

Here is the last in the series of essays written by our visiting intern, Andrea. In in case you missed the first two posts, here is a link the first, and a link to the second post. The final stage in my learning process was, of course, my personal experience. Smile and keep a good […]

Volunteer Experience at the Memorial Art Gallery (part 2 of 3)

This post continues the story of our intern Andrea, who worked with us for a time in the fall of last year. Here is part 2 of 3.  Read the previous post. During my breaks besides the central fountain*, I noticed that there was something different, something especial about the environment. I did not know what this […]

Volunteer Experience at the Memorial Art Gallery (Part 1 of 3)

We’d like to share a post, in three parts, that was written by an intern at the Memorial Art Gallery, Andrea N. G. who lives in Mexico. Andrea visited Rochester this past fall and interned in the Creative Workshop for a month. One of her goals was to learn about MAG in particular and American […]

It’s a Small (Art) World After All

Connections with the Memorial Art Gallery can run far and wide. Possibly inspired by the series of posts that our Chief Curator, Marjorie Searl added to our Facebook page, we received a beautiful image from long-time MAG friend, Phillip Koch. “MAG was a big influence on my decision to become an artist. Am up staying […]

2012 M&T Bank Clothesline Festival

As the Democrat and Chronicle put it: “Clothesline shrugs off rain.” The rain and wind gusts of Saturday’s Clothesline, may have actually brightened Sunday’s attendance. A couple hundred festival-goers were given passes so that they could return to Sunday’s Clothesline. And they did.  Sunday was packed with visitors and visits to the 3 ATM’s supplied […]

Thanks for thinking of us!

They came for a good cause. Two volunteers came up to the 3rd floor today to pick up one of our Patron Prints for a door prize during Wednesday night’s launch of Rochester Woman Magazine‘s Fashion Edition at GEVA. It was a quick pick. They even saw a few that would look perfect in their […]

Eight Questions with 4 Campers

We hold nine weeks of Art Day Camp at the Creative Workshop each summer. Each of the nine weeks has a different theme, and a different group of campers. (Read the Camp Descriptions here ) We decided to go down and meet some of the campers and ask them some questions. Meet (in no particular […]

Sharing Enthusiasm

Little known fact: the Memorial Art Gallery hosts hundreds of tours to local schools and groups a year. This is an ongoing and year-round occurrence, even on Tuesdays when we would otherwise be closed to the public. We’d like to share some feed back from a group that was here last Friday from the Cobblestone […]