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The Rochester International Salons of Photography

Just months after Kodak’s first nationwide picture contest, the first exhibition of the Rochester International Salon of Photography was held at the Memorial Art Gallery, December 5, 1929-January 5, 1930. Unlike the Kodak Salon, the Rochester International accepted photographs made using all types of cameras. Victor Rayment of the Kodak Office called an organizational meeting […]

MAG’s “Kodak moments”

We use the phrase “Kodak moments” to describe events worthy of being photographed. As the Gallery’s librarian and archivist, I think about all the documentation of daily life that those cameras enabled. Many Rochester area archives have Kodak stories to tell, and the Gallery’s archives is no different. George Eastman was one of the charter […]

Mysterious Step at the Memorial Art Gallery

By Memorial Art Gallery Staff Where are these steps? And why is one step a different color? Memorial Art Gallery staff had fun with this puzzle proposed by Chief Curator Marjorie Searl. Here are MAG staff’s responses: (Clearly some are sincere and some are in jest but we will let you all decide which is which): […]

The Beginnings of the Print Club of Rochester

By Lu Harper, Art Librarian and Webmaster In honor of the exhibition in the Lockhart Gallery at MAG, Great Impressions: The Print Club of Rochester Turns 80, a little history from the Gallery’s Archives. On December 3, 1930, a meeting was held at the Memorial Art Gallery. The Gallery’s Bulletin documented the meeting: “A group […]

Rochester’s Museum of Fine Arts

By Lu Harper, Librarian Sometimes in the course of archival research we find information that not only helps document artwork in the Gallery’s collection but helps tell part of the story of art in Rochester.  Recently, I found information about a painting by George Inness, Jr., “Bringing Home the Cows,” which was donated to the […]

Highlights of Ten Years at the MAG

by Cynthia Culbert, Assistant Curator Last week, I had lunch with the director of the Gallery and several co-workers who were also celebrating important anniversary dates. For me it was the 10th. Ten years working at the Memorial Art Gallery. A lunch marked the first day I came to the Gallery as a volunteer as […]