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Rick Hock’s 1980s Duchamp Codex

Currently on view in the Hurlbut Gallery, Rick Hock’s 1980s Duchamp Codex is a 7-by-4 grid of photographic portraits. Most of the subjects are unknown, and even recognizable portraits, such as the Mona Lisa, appear manifestly mediated. To make these images, Hock filtered and transferred pictures from the negatives of peel-apart Polaroid film. White negative […]

New and on View

Winslow Homer American, 1836 – 1910 The Artist’s Studio in an Afternoon Fog, 1894 Oil on canvas R. T. Miller Fund, 41.32 Some of you may have noticed that our beloved Homer has come off the wall. The Artist’s Studio in an Afternoon Fog is one of Rochester’s favorites but is now in San Francisco where […]

Art Magic – The 2015 Kid’s Show

There is something so magical about kids’ art. The artwork currently on view in the Winter 2015 Kid’s Show at the Creative Workshop features work from kids [aka ARTISTS] of all ages [4-15 years] with a diverse array of subject matter and medium, displayed side by side. Students in our winter children’s art classes have […]

Changes in the Wilson Gallery

New art has been installed just outside the Grand Gallery at MAG. Tadaaki Kuwayama American, born in Nagoya, Japan, 1932 Untitled, 1968 Acrylic paint on canvas with aluminum strips When Tadaaki Kuwayama arrived in America in 1958, Abstract Expressionism, an often gestural, energetic, and performative style, dominated the art scene and he found himself rebelling […]

Boundless Creativity – The 2014 Children’s Show

Children’s artwork is absolutely uplifting. Whether it is the art of your own child or a child you’ve never met before, there’s something special about seeing the creative efforts of a young mind. The Fall 2014 Children’s Show, currently on view in the Burne Gallery, highlights the impressive work from the fall kid’s classes in […]

Celebrating our El Greco – 400 years after his death

Domenikos Theotocopoulos Spanish, ca. 1541 – 1614 The Apparition of the Virgin to St. Hyacinth, ca. 1605 – 1610 El Greco (“The Greek”) is the popular name of Domenikos Theotokopoulos, an artist born in Crete but who lived and studied in Venice and Rome. In 1575, he moved to Toledo, Spain, the center of the […]

Beautiful Colorful Things

As summer turns into fall the leaves change and nature gives us a beautiful display of warm colors. When I look at the artwork hanging in the Burne Gallery, I am reminded of the splendid colors that nature likes to show us. Walk into the Gallery for the Teen and Adult Student Art Show, and […]

Creative Workshop student profile – Heather Kormalos

Currently on view in the Adult Student exhibit in the Lucy Byrne Gallery, one of Heather’s latest works, Sophia, is an expressive, up-close and personal study in charcoal. We took a few minutes to hear why Heather chose to take classes at the Creative Workshop. Why do you take classes at the Creative Workshop? “For […]

A few Stories about the Creative Workshop’s Summer 2014 Adult Student Show

Submitted by Creative Workshop intern Melis Schildkraut Curated exhibits are often  meant to tell a story.  In Creative Workshop exhibitions, since the pieces come from artists of different backgrounds, skill levels, and experiences, the story of our group exhibitions is one that must be unearthed from a jumble of individual stories.  In the current Adult […]

Revisiting the 1920 Rochester Homelands Exhibition

Scholar Diana Greenwold recently published an article reviewing a series of “Homelands” exhibitions that took place across the eastern U.S. beginning in Buffalo in 1919. The exhibitions were part of a national response to the “red scares” after World War I—encouraging familiarity with the traditional arts and crafts of the cultures of immigrants to the […]