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Archive for 'Centennial Sculpture Park'

Summer in Centennial Sculpture Park

Looking for a summer celebration for the whole family? Come to the Memorial Art Gallery on Thursday, August 6, 5-8 pm for Summer in Centennial Sculpture Park. You and your family & friends are invited to explore the public art in our Sculpture Park independently or with a tour guide. Kids can get creative and […]

It’s World Penguin Day.

File this under ‘who knew?’ On April 25th of every year, penguins of the Antarctic continent begin an incredible northward migration. Penguins are unique in that they are the only migratory birds that don’t fly, they swim. They start their migration in that same fashion that, say, the Canadian Geese do. On cue, in synchronicity […]

Re-creating the “Path of Colors”

“I wasn’t sure if it would happen.” That’s how artist Jackie Ferrara describes the collaboration between herself and Jan Towsley, a weaver and textile designer from the Rochester, NY area. Ferrara designed Marking Crossways, the serpentine red and orange brick walkway that connects the front entrance of the Memorial Art Gallery to the plaza space […]

Snow Changes Public Art

Snowboarding, sledding and cross-country skiing are not the only ways to enjoy a long hard winter in Upstate New York. Instead of staying cooped up indoors, why not venture out into the city streets and see how snow changes public art. Winter can be difficult to navigate, and quite frankly, tolerate, in the city of […]