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Jeong Jue Lee, a product of the School for American Crafts

Returning to the Fine Craft Show from North Carolina is Jeong Ju Lee, another product of the RIT School for American Crafts.

Chrysalis by Jeong Ju Lee

Chrysalis by Jeong Ju Lee

She has been in many prestigious fine craft shows including the Smithsonian and others too numerous to list. She also was a NICHE Award Finalist in the Home Furnishing, Lamp/Lighting category. She is passionate about the possibilities of what is acceptable as a piece of jewelry. She sees her jewelry as wearable sculpture.

Sand Dune Crest

Sand Dune Crest by Jeong Ju Lee


Come see her at MAG’s Fine Craft Show on October 24-26 and in the meantime check out her website to see not only her jewelry but her beautiful lamps.

Friday night is Opening Night Preview*. At this evening’s event, mingle with the artists and have first opportunity to purchase their work before the show opens to the public. View the Student Honors Show, featuring current students from RIT’s School for American Crafts. Enjoy live jazz, complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres, and a cash bar. While you’re here, sample spirits provided by Rochester’s own Black Button Distilling, including vodka, gin, moonshine and Apple Pie Moonshine.

*For Opening Party tickets contact the Gallery Council office (585-276-8910).

Fine Craft Show & Sale

Don’t miss the Fine Craft Show & Sale at the Memorial Art Gallery this weekend. Take the very unique opportunity to attend the preview party Friday evening, October 24 at 7:00. Tickets are available by calling 585.276.8910.

Christina Brinkman (shown below) currently has her work on view at the Memorial Art Gallery. The Fine Craft Show offers you the opportunity to purchase work directly from the craftsperson.

Christina Brinkman brinkman2 Brinkman3

Christina Brinkman’s work is new to this show and shouldn’t be missed. She is a product of RIT and had a highly successful career as a printmaker and painter. After the sale of her card company she turned her sights back to the fine arts creating beautiful porcelain vessels and sculpture. To get more than just a glimpse of her work, visit her website.

Echoes of the Middle Ages

Echoes of the Middle Ages

The installation of the video program “Echoes of the Middle Ages” is now complete and available in the Medieval Gallery at the Memorial Art Gallery. It was designed it to reflect the close relationships between the art and music of the European Middle Ages, and, in terms of the gallery, to provide a musical and historical context for the art on exhibit.


Leaf from an Antiphonary: Music for the Office of Matins, 1400-1499

In 2013, Michael Anderson, Associate Professor of Music at Eastman School of Music, and MAG were awarded a grant by the University Provost for a collaborative, multi-layered project called “Medieval Sights and Sounds.” The project included new recordings of previously un-recorded medieval music, a special concert, lectures, and an interactive video kiosk about medieval music and art.

We hope you enjoy this special addition to the medieval gallery. Click this link to browse more works from our online collection in the Medieval Gallery.

Nancy Norwood
Curator of European Art


Beautiful Colorful Things

As summer turns into fall the leaves change and nature gives us a beautiful display of warm colors. When I look at the artwork hanging in the Burne Gallery, I am reminded of the splendid colors that nature likes to show us.

Walk into the Gallery for the Teen and Adult Student Art Show, and one is taken back by the landscape paintings. Doug Doonan’s Fiery Autumn reminds me of the leaves that crunched under my feet on my walk to the Memorial Art Gallery. It’s vibrant colors does homage to the warm colors and cool air of autumn.

Doug Doonan “Fiery Autumn”

Doug Doonan “Fiery Autumn”

Travel further into the Gallery and see Carolyn Lobkowicz’s Runaway Stripes painting. The juicy fruit on a table cloth in the sunlight warms the memories of a summer that just ended. In Peggi Fournier’s watercolor Trillium, the softness of the white flower foretells of life to come in James Pugliese’s barren Garden Pot posted nearby. Philip Wilkinson’s sculpture Black Forest, near the main desk of the Creative Workshop, teases the viewer with the cold of the winter months with its cold metallic looking ceramic base and then barren wood branch on top.


Lobkowicz Carolyn - Runaway Stripes

Carolyn Lobkowicz “Runaway Stripes”

Peggi Fournier "Trillium"

Peggi Fournier “Trillium”

Philip Wilkinson’s sculpture “Black Forest”,

Philip Wilkinson “Black Forest”

At the end of my journey through the Gallery I noticed the drippings on the sides of Eilleen Thomas’ and Linda Friedman’s ceramic Pitcher and Covered Jar. These drips could be the pitter patter of spring rain or the chilling rain of fall.

Eilleen Thomas - Pitcher and Linda Friedman - Covered Jar

Eilleen Thomas “Pitcher” and Linda Friedman “Covered Jar”

There are vibrant colorful artworks throughout the gallery and it perfectly reflects the changing colors of the seasons, outside.  We hope you’ll enjoy this harvest before it turns a little colder and we display children’s artwork.

Alyssa Hickey, Burne Gallery Intern

Hispanic/Latino Heritage Family Day

Submitted by Henry Padron
The Family Day at the MAG during Hispanic Heritage Month is a perfect opportunity for anyone to come take a walk with us as we celebrate our culture, language, and arts. You will experience exhibits from each of the countries of Latin America; this year the country of focus is Spain. One will make hands-on crafts which involve the family, attend a performance in the auditorium, and listen to children and youth as they perform cultural and folkloric songs and dances. As you stroll throughout the salons in the gallery you will hear the accents which distinguish each of the countries. See the dress that makes each of us unique as a fashion statement. Or perhaps, you will sample a delicacy in harmonic form coming from the Flamenco guitarist.

Celebrate Hispanic/Latino Heritage Family Day

I grew up with Spanish as the first language spoken in my home.  My mother, Margarita Morales de Padron, was always using sayings to give me advice. I was amazed at how many she had stored waiting for the perfect moment to express it. One that I heard repeatedly was “El amigo es como un dólar en el bolsillo.” “Friends are like a dollar in your pocket.” Another was; ”Dime con quién andas y te diré quien tu eres.” “You are who you walk with.” It is this one that I want to elaborate on…

You will notice, while strolling, that many families are present because this is an important aspect of the day. We want and need to keep our language arts and culture alive. Here you will see a young dad dancing with his daughter, there will be a grandmother explaining something to a grandchild. Smiles and hugs will be occurring everywhere as friends revel in the moment. It’s truly a family affair. These moments are cherished and become part of the local Latino tradition!

It is positive, healthy, powerful, and we thank the Memorial Art Gallery for taking the walk, on this day, with us!

Hispanic/Latino Heritage Family Day
Memorial Art Gallery
500 University Avenue
Sunday, October 5, 2014
12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Creative Workshop student profile – Melissa Landry

Taking classes at the MAG in the Creative Workshop allows freedom of expression with guidance towards developing your skills and finding that fine balance.

Melissa Landry - ceramics

“The large plate I am holding came about from throwing small plates and increasing in size with many different types of clay until I developed my own personal technique with my hands to create a vision in my head.  Although the plates shape is the vision I sought after the glazing technique is not quite what was envisioned. The process aspires me to create and expands my creativity as it is endless and exciting.”

Learn more about ceramics classes for adults at the Creative Workshop – click here

She Said ‘Yes.’

It happens. The phone rings and suddenly you are a part of that couple’s most memorable moments.

It’s not surprising. Sometimes the couple met here, or had their first date here, or took a Creative Workshop class together. Or maybe it is a favorite date location. Or maybe they both just really love art.

Just two days ago, Adam called to tell of of his plans. He just needed the chance to go over a couple ideas. What might work best – which Gallery or location? One thought was out in Centennial Sculpture Park.

"Unicorn Family" by Wendell Castle

“Unicorn Family” by Wendell Castle

Or under the Allee.


The Allee

Adam finally decided on the Fountain Court on the second floor at MAG. We think Katie was well pleased.

She said 'yes'

She said ‘yes’

The Fountain Court

The Fountain Court

The ring

The ring

Adam sent us an email the very next day. He just wanted to say that with the help of the Memorial Art Gallery, he was able to to ask the love of his life and his best friend to spend the rest of her life with him. Happy to be of assistance, Adam and Katie. Best Wishes from all of us at the Gallery.

New on View in the Upstairs Galleries

Despite their small footprint, there are some major additions to the 17th-century and Renaissance galleries. We’ve added a case in each to display works on paper; we’ve also reinstalled most of our collection of European Judaica. An example from each area is shown below, just to whet your appetite.

From top to bottom:
1) German or Austrian; Spice Container (Besamim), Tower Form, probably 1800s; silver (Forman Fund, 2006.56)
2) Albrecht Dürer, The Sea Monster, ca. 1498, copper engraving (Gift of Emily Sibley Watson, 13.19 (note the accession number…this engraving, a gift from our founder, was the 19th work to enter MAG’s collection in 1913)
3) Rembrandt van Rijn, Christ Preaching (La Petite Tombe), ca. 1652, etching, engraving, and drypoint (Gift of Dr. and Mrs. James H. Lockhart, Jr., 77.149)

Spice Container (Besamim), Tower Form, probably 1800s

Spice Container ca. 1800s

Albrecht Dürer, "The Sea Monster", ca. 1498

Albrecht Dürer, “The Sea Monster”, ca. 1498

Rembrandt van Rijn, "Christ Preaching (La Petite Tombe)" ca. 1652

Rembrandt van Rijn, “Christ Preaching (La Petite Tombe)” ca. 1652

In the Renaissance gallery, the case contains the Judaica as well as prints by Durer, Tintoretto, and Andreani (after Mantegna).

The new case in the 17th-century gallery contains several of our best prints by Rembrandt. In our efforts to keep the permanent collection galleries fresh and the works on paper safe from light damage, the rotations will occur every six months. So take a trip upstairs soon; you won’t want to miss the opportunity to see these gems from MAG’s collection.


Submitted by Nancy Norwood
Curator of European Art

Summer of Opportunity

It all begins with a request. Sometimes it may take a few months to get everything in place, but often all one has to do is ask. In fact, as it turns out, opportunity was one of the running themes of the afternoon – always stay open to to possibilities of an opportunity.

Debora speaks to the group  in the B&L Parlor

Debora speaks to the group in the B&L Parlor

In February, we received a note from the Summer of Opportunity program at Ibero American Action League. This summer, their focus is on STEM and the arts. The program provides Rochester area youth with work readiness skills, leadership development skills, community awareness and a creative outlet to voice one’s skills while working with local artists. One of the goals by the end of the summer is to design and create a vibrant mural in the Northeast quadrant of the City. They are working on a limited budget, so Debora McDell-Hernandez, Coordinator of Community Programs and Outreach here at the MAG, put together an afternoon that included a free tour of our collection, an impromptu class as well as hearing from a few of the staff about working in a museum.

Four of our Docents, Cynthia Goldstein, Marguerite Quinn, Annette Kelly, and Isabel Kaplan, introduced the group to MAG’s art collection and the current exhibition on view – the 6th Rochester Biennial. One of the adult counselors mentioned that he graduated from the neighboring School Of The Arts in 2004 and was a past recipient of a Creative Workshop scholarship (available thanks to the Gallery Council at MAG. Remember what we said about being open to opportunity?) He went onto to earn a B.A. in art history. He wanted to know how to become a Docent and Debora explained that we probably would not be recruiting our next class very soon. Our Docents are one of our most important support systems around here.

Another program that Debora provided was a drawing activity in the Creative Workshop led by artist and Curriculum Director Rachael Baldanza. Each was asked to bring a sketch note pad and pencil, and keep an open mind. It was a group of 24 students and 7 adult counselors. They all had their sketch paper or pads.

drawing in the Sculpture Park

Drawing in the Sculpture Park


Gathering near Mary Taylor’s “Filly”


Entrance to the Creative Workshop as an impromptu classroom.

Following the drawing class, the group heard from Carol Acquilano who is a Preparator, a person who prepares museum displays, as well as someone from the Public Relations office. They both spoke a bit about the circuitous route that brought them to a career at an art museum. Yet another example of being open to opportunities.

Only a handful of the students had visited MAG in the past, so everything was new to the majority of the students and they enjoyed the tours. As a bonus, Debora offered free return visit passes.

Mark your calendar for later in the summer to check out the student’s work on the mural near Ibero American Action League on 214 Clifford Avenue and the Family Services Office on 218 Clifford Avenue.

MAG as muse for Wedding Photographers

It may be one of our best kept secrets, but in the last few years alone, we have had over 73 weddings or wedding parties here at the Memorial Art Gallery. We think we offer a great backdrop. Looking today at some of the photographer’s work – we thought we could share some of the results. Who knows? You may be looking for a wedding photographer in your near future!

John Schlia Photography

John Schlia Photogrpahy


Gregg Horst Photography

Gregg Horst Photography


Fotoimpressions Studio

Fotoimpressions Studio


Gabrielle Plucknette Photography

Gabrielle Plucknette Photography

Here are just a few samples… and in case you are in the market for a special event at MAG – just contact our events office coordinator Gal D’vir at 585.276.8950.