Meet the Members

Oliver Cashman-Brown – Interim Chair.  Oliver is a PhD student at the Warner School of Education. His work there centers around social studies teacher education and anti-hegemonic curricula. He serves as a University Supervisor to pre-service social studies teachers and co-taught a course to local area teenagers interested in careers in education. Prior to his graduate work, he was a social studies teacher in Aptos, California and Ithaca, New York.

Ed Brockenbrough, PhD – Faculty Advisor.  Ed is Assistant Professor and Director, Urban Teaching & Leadership Program in Teaching & Curriculum at Warner. He also teaches courses on diversity and social justice in American education.  Ed’s research focuses on negotiations of identity, pedagogy, and power in urban educational spaces, with particular attention to black, masculinity, and queer issues in education. His current research projects include a study of masculinity politics in the lives of male teachers in urban K-12 schools and an examination of the educational experiences of LGBT youth of color. His dissertation, supported by a fellowship from the American Educational Research Association and the Institute of Educational Sciences, employed life history methodologies, black masculinity studies, and critical educational theory to examine the challenges and opportunities encountered by black male teachers in secondary, predominantly minority urban schools.

Prior to joining the Warner School in 2009, Brockenbrough taught graduate courses to pre-service teachers and Teach for America cohort members through the teacher preparation program at the University of Pennsylvania, and he evaluated a range of school reform initiatives as a staff member at Research for Action, a nonprofit educational research organization in Philadelphia. Additionally, he is a former co-chair of the New York Chapter of the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, a nonprofit organization committed to eradicating homophobia in schools, and a current board member of the Black Gay Research Group, a collective of scholars, service providers, and activists committed to disseminating work produced by and about black gay men.