The Summer

Maria Strangas recommended the fun, happy one.That’s it folks, the semester is over (hopefully). Whether or not you are returning to UR next semester (graduating, going abroad, seceding, transferring), you will probably want to continue reading my blog (naturally). In response to your demands, I will return in the fall with regular posts. Look for exciting topics like: the future of dining, the future of sustainability, and the ghost of organics still to come.

During the summer, I will try and update when new information becomes available. I cannot guarantee a schedule (you may notice that this post is 2 days behind schedule), but you might still want to check in from time to time. I know how many people have summer jobs sitting at desks with no windows. Let Green Food be your window into the University’s soul. Ahh. Or, you can check back in the fall and catch up on all the fun you’ve missed.

In any event, enjoy your summer, and I hope you return next semester with lots of ideas on how to spruce up sustainability in dining. I eagerly await your suggestions.

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  1. Nils said,

    May 10, 2009 @ 8:03 pm

    I’m just gonna use this as my place to pass along any and al green-food-service-related content that I find. Forever. Or at least for now.

    Eco-Clamshell containers at Eckerd College… finally seems like someone’s figured out a solution to annoying styrofoam to-go containers. (I was gonna add “at the Mel Express”, but I’m not sure that exists anymore… UR dining changes so fast. Mel Express, anyone? It used to be where Starbucks is now…). Anyway: the article:

    Happy summer, folks!

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