My Last Post

so long Golly jeepers, time does fly. I am graduating. I’ve been told that they’re taking me upstate, where I’ll have lots of room to run and play. That sounds nice, doesn’t it? But my euphemistic transition needn’t worry you too much, you have a new person! She posted here just a couple of weeks ago. Rachel is an expert in the fields of blogology and sustainabology. Good hands. She’s going to guide you through the new Pit (with its spiffy new name), all the local foods innovations, Clamshells, and a whole bevy of fun new things. These are exciting times, and I am comforted by the fact that though I graduate (along with two other members of Team Green), a new cohort is stepping up to take on all of the unseen future battles. The best feeling, undoubtedly, is looking back at my time in Dining and seeing all of the change that I helped usher in. What a feeling it is.

Auf wiedersehen.

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