Fancy Feast

fancyHi folks. I’m not going to write about sustainability today, per se. Instead, I want to defend Dining Services a bit. If there is any sustainability tie in, it’s that Dining uses some high quality ingredients. Keep that in mind while you’re reading.

Dining takes a lot of flak. Part of that is invariably because it’s the only food service gang in town, and freshmen like to bond over their hatred for something. But how deserved is that hatred? At least part of it is unfair. Dining Services (serving 3 meals a day to about 4,000 undergrads everyday) is not always able to present food the way a restaurant presents it. You don’t get a porcelain plate, you don’t get a cloth napkin, and you don’t get mints on your check. That makes it easy to criticize the food (even if the ingredients are of a high quality).

But what if we reversed the situation? What if the food itself was terrible, but it looked good? That’s the concept behind Fancy Fast Food. The writer of the site goes to fast food restaurants and buys a meal or some kind of meal combo. McDonalds, Taco Bell, whatever. This is food that is almost universally recognized as the bottom of the barrel. It’s unhealthy. It’s made with low grade foods. It’s not even really food. He then takes the food home, and using only what was in the meal (ketchup packets, burgers, fries, etc.) cooks, blends, and garnishes till he’s blue in the face. The website is basically a before and after of the food. It is an immensely entertaining read.

Reading the site, one cannot help but ask, “what is important to us about our food?” I do think preparation counts (note, Fancy Fast Food is a self described “humor blog”), but not at the expense of quality. To cut to the chase, I’d rather eat in Danforth than off the Fancy Fast Food menu. Just consider that the next time you’re griping about the food.

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