RSS: Read Stuff Semi-frequently

RSS You may have noticed that reading this blog is an ecstatic experience, only hindered by not knowing when you can have another taste (all possible puns intended). There is a way to (partially) remedy this problem, and it’s name is RSS. Contrary to certain titles, RSS stands for really simple syndication. I’d say the simplicity for the user is exaggerated, but it is a great way to know when there is something new to read. RSS is built into many modern browsers. In Safari and Firefox it appears in the address field, in Internet Explorer it should be in the tab bar. If you bookmark the RSS page for this site it (your browser) will alert you when there is new content. If you are still not sold on this whole simplicity thing, you might try reading this. Browsers are not the only way to play this game. You could download a dedicated reader, or even use Google Reader, which is quite nifty and with you wherever the internet is.

Anyway, that’s the long way of saying there is not excuse for not reading all the time! Besides, who doesn’t want to experience ecstatic bliss?

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