This and That and This

CamI hope everyone enjoyed local foods week. I heard a lot of people at Danforth saying how much they loved the food. I hope those people are encouraged to follow their taste buds, and seek out local foods everyday (be it cooking them or having them cooked for you).

I want to alert everyone to two up and coming programs/promotions. The first is actually nothing new. Team Green (the sustainability group in Dining of which I am a member) is spearheading a campaign to publicize the use of reusable mugs. Starbucks alone uses hundreds of cups (let’s say 286.5) in a typical day. Those cups invariably end up in the trash (the cup jackets, in case you hadn’t realized, are recyclable). A reusable mug circumvents this issue, and offers the cheapest cup on campus to boot! As you can see from the image accompanying this post, we’ve already gotten started. Look for more posters in this vein in dining halls, and get your own mug! If you don’t have one, you might want to check out the yellow mugs sold by Dining. They are made out of corn! Weird!

Finally, the Corner Store is now offing a weekly and monthly prize to people who use their own bags for purchases over $10. The hope is that this will help remind you to bring your bag when you need something from the Corner Store. As long as you don’t take a bag, you’re eligible. So hands are fair game, and more importantly, so are backpacks. I don’t know who decided that backpacks were only for books. You wouldn’t imagine the fun things you can do with a backpack. Think wallaby.

I’ll leave you with that. Have a good week.

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