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My Last Post

so long Golly jeepers, time does fly. I am graduating. I’ve been told that they’re taking me upstate, where I’ll have lots of room to run and play. That sounds nice, doesn’t it? But my euphemistic transition needn’t worry you too much, you have a new person! She posted here just a couple of weeks ago. Rachel is an expert in the fields of blogology and sustainabology. Good hands. She’s going to guide you through the new Pit (with its spiffy new name), all the local foods innovations, Clamshells, and a whole bevy of fun new things. These are exciting times, and I am comforted by the fact that though I graduate (along with two other members of Team Green), a new cohort is stepping up to take on all of the unseen future battles. The best feeling, undoubtedly, is looking back at my time in Dining and seeing all of the change that I helped usher in. What a feeling it is.

Auf wiedersehen.



question mark? Hi friends. You may (or may not) have noticed a bit of truancy on my part. I have to plead “lack of inspiration” (which is lawyerese for “lack of imagination”). I appeal to you, dear readers. This is your blog as much as it is mine. Tell me, what do you want to know about? What topics interest you? Is there a particular dining hall you are curious about? A particular food? Do you care to know what I had for breakfast? (An apple and two pieces of whole wheat bread). What am I wearing? That’s inappropriate.

So ask me anything, within reason. It’s open season.


The Summer

Maria Strangas recommended the fun, happy one.That’s it folks, the semester is over (hopefully). Whether or not you are returning to UR next semester (graduating, going abroad, seceding, transferring), you will probably want to continue reading my blog (naturally). In response to your demands, I will return in the fall with regular posts. Look for exciting topics like: the future of dining, the future of sustainability, and the ghost of organics still to come.

During the summer, I will try and update when new information becomes available. I cannot guarantee a schedule (you may notice that this post is 2 days behind schedule), but you might still want to check in from time to time. I know how many people have summer jobs sitting at desks with no windows. Let Green Food be your window into the University’s soul. Ahh. Or, you can check back in the fall and catch up on all the fun you’ve missed.

In any event, enjoy your summer, and I hope you return next semester with lots of ideas on how to spruce up sustainability in dining. I eagerly await your suggestions.

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Stay Tuned!

Buried in TopologyIf you’re checking in on GreenFood looking for an update, please check back later. I am currently buried in topology.

See you soon.


RSS: Read Stuff Semi-frequently

RSS You may have noticed that reading this blog is an ecstatic experience, only hindered by not knowing when you can have another taste (all possible puns intended). There is a way to (partially) remedy this problem, and it’s name is RSS. Contrary to certain titles, RSS stands for really simple syndication. I’d say the simplicity for the user is exaggerated, but it is a great way to know when there is something new to read. RSS is built into many modern browsers. In Safari and Firefox it appears in the address field, in Internet Explorer it should be in the tab bar. If you bookmark the RSS page for this site it (your browser) will alert you when there is new content. If you are still not sold on this whole simplicity thing, you might try reading this. Browsers are not the only way to play this game. You could download a dedicated reader, or even use Google Reader, which is quite nifty and with you wherever the internet is.

Anyway, that’s the long way of saying there is not excuse for not reading all the time! Besides, who doesn’t want to experience ecstatic bliss?



PuppyMy apologies, I was not able to get into the post editor yesterday. I am away this weekend, but have exciting things to share when I get back. Keep your eyes peeled.


Friday Posting

FHello, friends. I’m afraid that I’ve been a tad neglectful. However, I am here to make a commitment to you. I will post every Friday, to sate your appetite for Green Food. Now, let’s be clear, that’s a minimum. I hope to post twice a week, but I guarantee you that if you check on Saturday, you will see something new. If not, I will post pictures of sad puppies. No joke.


Why I write; why you should read.

Soil Why don’t we answer the easy question first. I am writing to bring you the latest news and information about the sustainability efforts at the University of Rochester, and occasionally elsewhere. You should read this if you are curious about those efforts, if you feel like you need to be properly informed to complain properly, if you think transparency is an important issue at a university, or if you have a spare minute between classes.

You’ll find information about the sustainability efforts of Dining Services here, as well as some more general information. It is my charge to keep you in the loop, so if you think I’m neglecting something, please leave a comment letting me know what you want to hear about.

As a disclaimer, I should say that I am in the employ of Dining Services. What that means for you is that I have a bit of an inside look at the machinations of the food operations at this school. What it does NOT mean is that I will pick and choose the news to report, or couch facts in floral language. Again, if you think I’m doing that, let me know.

There is no purpose to this blog if it’s not factual.

So that’s about all, I hope you enjoy reading Green Food.