During the academic year, E2G2 seminars occur weekly on Friday afternoons at 3:00 in Hutch 316.  Our group also participates in the Biology Departments weekly Monday “donut talk” series at noon, during which visiting scientists present their work on a diverse range of topics.  A complete list of departmental seminars is maintained at the Department of Biology’s homepage.

Fall 2016 Seminar Schedule

Monday Donut Seminars:
all seminars in Lander Auditorium at 12pm unless noted otherwise

September 12: Dr. JJ Emerson, UC Irvine
“Beneath the tip of the iceberg: using high quality genomes to uncover the evolutionary consequences hidden genetic variation in Drosophila”
September 19: Dr. Terry Orr-Weaver, MIT
“Developmental regulation of DNA replication to control cell size”
October 3: Dr. Patrick Oakes, UR
“Spatial regulation of RhoA reveals zyxin-mediated elasticity of stress fibers”
October 10: Dr. Andrei Seluanov, UR
“Naked and long-lived: mechanisms of longevity in the naked mole-rat and other mammals”
October 24: Dr. F. Bradley Johnson, UPenn
“Mechanisms of senescence and pathology driven by dysfunctional telomeres”
October 31: Dr. Elizabeth Grayhack, URMC
“Adjacent codons act in concert to modulate translation”
November 7: Dr. Erica Larschan, Brown U
“X-marks the spot: targeting Drosophila dosage compensation to the male X-chromosome”
November 14: Dr. Matthew Rockman, NYU
“Maternal and zygotic genetics of life history evolution in the sea”
November 28: Dr. Daniel Bergstralh, UR
“How are epithelial tissues built and maintained?”
December 5: Dr. Peter Svensson, Gladstone Inst.
“A role of transcription to switch between chromatin states”

Friday E2G2 Seminars:
all seminars in Hutchison 316 at 3pm unless noted otherwise

September 9: Dr. Benjamin Parker, UR
“Symbiont-mediated resistance in pea aphids: interactions with the immune system and variation in natural populations”
September 16: Dr. Kazuo Yamazaki, UR
“Global well-posedness and asymptotic behavior of solutions to a reaction-convection-diffusion cholera epidemic model”
September 16: Dr. Xu Wang, Cornell
“Divergent patterns of marsupial-eutherian genomic imprinting and mammalian placenta evolution”
September 30: Dr. Thomas Hill, UK
“Hybrid dysgenesis in Drosophila simulans associated with a rapid global invasion of the P element”
October 7: Dr. Ryan Bickel, UR
“Investigating the genetic causes of phenotypic variation: Drosophila pigmentation as a case study”
October 14: Dr. Josephine Reinhardt, SUNY Geneseo
“Impacts of selfish genes on genome evolution in the stalk-eyed flies”
October 21: Dr. Marek Borowiec, UR
“Big-data phylogenetics and the evolutionary history of army ants”
October 28: Dr. Rebecca Rundell, SUNY ESF
“Diversification and conservation of Belau land snails (Republic of Palau, Oceania)”
November 4: Dr. Jacob Russell, Drexel
“Defensive symbiosis in the real world”
November 11: Dr. Maren Vitousek, Cornell
“Coping with challenges: the hormonal mechanisms of phenotypic flexibility”
November 18: Dr. Sandra Rehan, UNH
“Behavioral and genetic mechanisms of social complexity in the small carpenter bees”
Decemeber 2: Dr. Michael Sheehan, Cornell
“Evolution of individuality”

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