During the academic year, E2G2 seminars occur weekly on Friday afternoons at 3:00 in Hutch 316.  Our group also participates in the Biology Departments weekly Monday “donut talk” series at noon, during which visiting scientists present their work on a diverse range of topics.  A complete list of departmental seminars is maintained at the Department of Biology’s homepage.

Fall 2017 Seminar Schedule

Monday Donut Seminars:
all seminars in Lander Auditorium at 12pm unless noted otherwise

September 11: Dr. Sally Horne-Badovinac, U of Chicago
“Going in circles gets you somewhere – mechanisms controlling egg chamber elongation in Drosophila”
September 18: Dr. Yukiko Yamashita, U of Michigan
“The function of satellite DNA in Drosophila”
September 25: Dr. Carole LaBonne, NW
“Stem cells, gene regulatory networks, and the evolution of vertebrates”
October 2: Dr. Sina Ghaemmaghammi, UR
“Global analyses of proteome turnover”
October 16: Dr. Jennifer Brisson, UR
“Aphid wing dimorphisms: contrasting enivronmental and genetic control mechanisms”
October 23: Dr. Jeff Sekelsky, UNC
“The Dark Knight Bloom helicase triology: preventing, promoting, and patterning crossovers”
October 30: Dr. Lori Wallrath, U of Iowa
“Myopathic lamin mutations cause loss of genome inegrity, proteostasis, and redox homeostasis”
November 6: Dr. Helen McNeil, Mount Sinai Hospital
“Spegless regulates fertility and nuclear structure”
November 13: Dr. Pamela Geyer, U of Iowa
“The nuclear lamina and adult stem cell homeostasis: lessons from Drosophila LEM-domain proteins”
November 20 : Dr. Ilya Ruvinsky, NW
“Social signals that regulate physiology, development, and aging”
November 27 : Dr. Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez, U of Toronto
“Embryonic wound repair: cellular and molecular dynamics at the leading edge”

Friday E2G2 Seminars:
all seminars in Hutchison 316 at 3pm
unless noted otherwise

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