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Journal Club
E2G2 Journal Club runs every semester and is open to all students, postdocs and faculty.  Journal Club typically meets on Tuesdays at 12:30 in Hutch 316. First, second, and third-year students take journal club as a 1 credit course.  Articles for discussion are selected by early career graduate students and a rotating faculty mentor.  Journal club may revolve around a specific theme, address a series of pre-selected topics, or focus on recent literature on a week by week basis.

Check the blog for the weekly papers we’re reading!

Past Journal Clubs

  • Spring 2019: On the Origin of Species (Brisson)
  • Fall 2018: Adaptation (Fay)
  • Spring 2018: Potpourri (Lambert)
  • Fall 2017: Speciation (Presgraves)
  • Spring 2017: Microbiomes: Ecology, Evolution & Disease (Werren)
  • Fall 2016: Neglected topics in Evolutionary Biology (Orr)
  • Spring 2016: Genome evolution (Larracuente)
  • Fall 2015: Epistasis and Speciation (Garrigan)
  • Spring 2015: Quantitative Variation (Fry)
  • Spring 2014: Symbiosis (Jaenike)
  • Fall 2013: Phenotypic Plasticity (Brisson)
  • Spring 2013: Potpourri (Lambert)
  • Fall 2012: Speciation (Presgraves & Glor)
  • Spring 2012: Selfish Genetic Elements and Levels of Selection (Werren & Eickbush)
  • Fall 2011: Adaptation (Orr)
  • Fall 2010: Population Genomics (Garrigan)
  • Spring 2010: Potpourri (Presgraves)
  • Fall 2009: Sexual conflict, Sex chromosome evolution, Phylogeography (Glor)
  • Spring 2009: Potpourri (Jaenike)
  • Fall 2008: Rebutting Creationist Critiques (Glor)
  • Spring 2008: Evolution of Sex/Potpourri (Fry)
  • Fall 2007: Adaptive Radiation (Jaenike & Glor)


Reading Groups

Reading groups are informally organized by students. Recent reading groups have taken on the following books: The Origins of Genome Architecture by Mike Lynch, Systematics and the Origin of Species by Ernst Mayr, Genetics and the Origin of Species by Theodosius Dobzhansky, Genes in Conflict by Burt & Trivers, Sexual Conflict by Anqvist and Rowe, and Molecular Population Genetics by Matthew Hahn.  Check out the latest postings related to reading groups.

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