PhD Graduates
Our strength is in training young scientists to become principal investigators who run their own research laboratories.  More than 70% of our PhD graduates go on to obtain such positions (see list below for more details).

 Longjun Wu Lambert Lab – 2018
“The genetic basis of novelty in the Spiralia”
Postdoc, Wagner Lab, Yale

 Binshuang Li Brisson Lab – 2018
“Evolutionary genetics and dynamics of wing morphs in aphid males”
Data Scientist, Esurance, San Francisco, CA

 Cara Brand Presgraves Lab – 2018
“The evolutionary genetics of recombination and segregation in Drosophila”
Postdoc, Levine Lab, UPenn

 Mary Grantham Brisson Lab – 2017
“The Evolutionary and molecular basis of the Pea Aphid wing polyphenism”
Technical Support Specialist, Novogene, Raleigh, NC

 Emily Landeen Presgraves Lab – 2016
“Investigating the molecular genetic basis of the large X effect in Drosophila”
Senior Consultant, Thrivner, Washington DC

Jeffrey Vedanayagam – Garrigan Lab – 2015
“Evolutionary genomics of piRNA mediated transposon silencing in Drosophila”
Postdoc, Lai Lab, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Yasir Ahmed – Orr Lab – 2015
“The genetics of species differences in the Drosophila virilis group”
Postdoc, Clark Lab, Cornell University

Anthony Geneva – Glor & Garrigan Labs – 2015
Integrative analyses of speciation in Anolis lizards
Postdoc, Losos Lab, Harvard University

Dan Scantlebury – Glor Lab – 2014
Patterns of adaptive radiation in insular reptiles and amphibians
Data Scientist, Resonate, Washington DC

Jing Zhu – Fry Lab – 2013
Costs and benefits of sexual selection in Drosophila

Mahul Chakraborty – Fry Lab – 2013
Adaptive constraint and its natural rescuers: insights from Drosophila
aldehyde dehydrogenase

Postdoc, Emerson Lab, UC Irvine

Rob Laport Ramsey Lab – 2013
Polyploid speciation in the North American creosote bush
Assistant Professor, Rhodes College

Julienne Ng – Glor Lab – 2013
Signal divergence and speciation in a Hispaniolan Anolis lizard
Data Analyst, Seeding Success, Memphis, TN

Dan McNabney – Orr Lab – 2013
The evolution of behavioral isolation in Drosophila
Lecturer, University of Georgia

Vicky Cattani – Presgraves Lab – 2012
Evolutionary genetics of hybrid incompatibilities
Grant Writing Specialist, Eva Garland Consulting, Raleigh, NC

David LoehlinWerren Lab – 2011
Genetics and evolution of size and shape in Nasonia species
Assistant Professor, Williams College

Adam GreenRamsey Lab – 2011
Invasion biology and molecular systematics of ivy (Hedera spp., Araliaceae)
Science Curriculum Designer, IXL Learning, San Mateo, CA

Rob Unckless – Jaenike & Orr Labs (co-advised) – 2011
Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Biosciences, University of Kansas

Rhitoban Ray Choudhury – Werren Lab – 2010
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, IISER, Mohali

Nitin PhadnisOrr & Fry Labs (co-advised) – 2008
Assistant Professor, University of Utah

John P. MaslyOrr Lab – 2007
Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Oklahoma

Andrea BetancourtOrr Lab – 2005
Lecturer, Evolution Ecology and Behaviour, University of Liverpool

Kelly DyerJaenike Lab – 2005
Associate Professor, Department of Genetics, University of Georgia

Jonathan Bollback – Huelsenbeck Lab – 2005
Senior Lecturer, Functional and Comparative Genomics, University of Liverpool

Daven PresgravesOrr Lab – 2003
Professor, Department of Biology, University of Rochester

Cesar Perez-GonzalezEickbush Lab – 2003
Program Manager, NIH National Eye Institute

Yuseob Kim – Stephan Lab – 2002
Associate Professor, Department of Life Science, Ewha Womans University

Seth BordensteinWerren Lab – 2002
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, Vanderbilt University

Corbin JonesOrr Lab – 2000
Professor, Department of Biology, UNC Chapel Hill

Harmit MalikEickbush Lab – 2000
Principal Investigator, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Warren LatheEickbush Lab – 1998
Chief Scientific Officer, OpenHelixLLC

Bryant McAllisterWerren Lab – 1997
Associate Professor, Department of Biology, University of Iowa

Timothy AndersonJaenike Lab – 1994
Scientist, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research

Johannes BreeuwerWerren Lab – 1993
Associate Professor, Entomology, University of Amsterdam, Holland

Leonardus BeukeboomWerren Lab – 1992
Professor, Genetics, University of Groningen, Holland

Avis JamesWerren Lab – 1992
Adjunct Associate Professor, New Mexico State University

Former Postdocs

Ben ParkerBrisson Lab 2016-2018
Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee

Ellen MartinsonWerren Lab 2013-2017
Postdoc, Strand Lab, University of Georgia

Vince MartinsonJaenike Lab 2013-2017
Postdoc, Strand Lab, University of Georgia

Zhenguo ZhangPresgraves Lab – 2014-2016
Bioinformatic Specialist, Zymo Research, Irvine, CA

Bort EdwardsPresgraves Lab – 2013-2015
Postdoc, Smithsonian Institution Natural History Museum, Washington DC

Amanda LarracuentePresgraves Lab – 2011-2014
Assistant Professor, University of Rochester

Tammy HaselkornJaenike Lab
Assistant Professor, University of Central Arkansas

Sarah Kingan – Presgraves Lab – 2009-2012
Senior Scientist- Bioinformatics, Pacific Biosciences

David Wheeler – Werren Lab 2010-2013
Bioinformatician, Nextgen, New Zealand

Colin Meiklejohn – Presgraves Lab – 2008-2012
Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska

Andrea SweigartOrr Lab – 2006-2010
Associate Professor, University of Georgia

Quinn McFrederick Jaenike Lab 2010
Assistant Professor, UC Riverside

Tracie IvyFry Lab 2007-2010
Associate Professor, Wofford College




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