Guidelines for Posting

Access: Anyone can leave a comment to an existing post; anonymous comments are discouraged.

Content: Anything relevant to the University of Rochester’s EEB program goes.  Possible topics for posts include: papers for each week’s journal clubs and reading groups, announcements concerning upcoming seminars and meetings, updates on ongoing research efforts, and information on departmental social activities.

Titles: Please capitalize words in titles.

Links to papers:  The best way to provide readers access to journal articles is to provide them with a DOI link.  DOI, which stands for “Digital Object Identifier,” is a system for cataloguing online content that has been adopted by nearly all publishers.  By using a DOI reference, you ensure access to the most recent version of an article that is progressing through the publication process (from uncorrected proofs to final published document).  A stable link for any DOI is available via the service, all you need to do is add a link to “”  The DOI number for a paper is generally on the papers main web page or on the front page of the published document.

Images: People like pictures, so try to include one with each post.  The posting space is 650 pixels wide. Resize all images so that they are no wider than this prior to posting. Using WordPress to resize images can lead to trouble.  Among other problems, posting really large original images and forcing WordPress to resize them on the fly will dramatically slow down page loads.  If you are going to steal an image from another page, be sure to provide credit in your post.

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  1. Temporary part-time teaching position: Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences
    Qualification: Ph.D. (or A.B.D.) with a focus in evolutionary biology
    Dates and times: March 25 – May 6 on Wednesdays from 5:20 – 8:05 pm (7 class meetings total)
    Compensation: $1,476.
    To apply: send a current C.V. with names of references to Dr. Jim MacKenzie, Chair of Biological Sciences (

    Description: Bio 425 (Evolution) is a senior capstone seminar course with 12 students. We are seeking a replacement for the second half of the semester for an instructor going on medical leave. The remaining class meetings will consist of discussions of assigned readings in The Origin of Species and E.O Wilson’s The Diversity of Life, and viewing and discussion of NOVA: Judgement Day: Evolution on Trial (concerning the 2005 Dover, PA, court case). The instructor will review and help students revise term paper rough drafts, grade the final version of the term paper, and grade the students’ oral presentations on their paper topics. The Biological Sciences chair and faculty who have experience teaching Bio 425 will be available to advise anyone who accepts this position, and the original instructor will also be available before March 23 to provide guidance.

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