The School of Nursing

Daniel Boone, RN. That’s not factual. But the beloved American frontiersman was a true pioneer, much like the School of Nursing (SON). The SON has been a trailblazer in the nursing field as a leader of the nurse practitioner movement and a developer of the unification model. Building on this reputation, the SON’s vision for the future will continue defining the frontiers of nursing education, research, and practice by developing innovative approaches to teaching, synergistic partnerships, and nationally recognized research centers of excellence.

The Six Million Dollar Nurse(s). We can prepare them. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic nurse force. Again, not factual—and sort of terrifying. But with the Loretta C. Ford Education Wing, a 17-bed skills laboratory and sim lab, and several resources that promote success such as the Center for Lifelong Learning and the Center for Academic and Professional Success, the SON does have the capability to prepare students for a wide range of careers as clinicians, scientists, and health care leaders.

Totally normal science. SON scientists aren’t trying to create a superior human being from nothing, or anything like that. They are aiming to increase disease prevention, enhance quality of life, and gain the knowledge to improve health care and lifespans throughout the global community. To achieve these goals, the SON is focused on establishing four areas of research excellence: symptom identification, monitoring, and management; health promotion/healthy behaviors; health care delivery systems; and management of chronic illness and palliative care.

Keepin’ it real. Thanks to a collaborative model that includes Strong Memorial Hospital and its affiliates, students get real world opportunities to practice practicing—as well as invaluable mentorship. This includes providing services through the Center for Employee Wellness and to a high-risk population of students at East and Douglas High Schools. Other community outreach can be seen at Villa of Hope, Bethany House, and in many other places and programs, such as “See What You Can Bee.”

Advancement Oddity. [Sing] This is S-O-N to Major Gift. You’d really help us out. And Dean Rideout wants to know what you’ll support… Hopefully scholarships, for one. Pilot funding and professorships are needed for research. More than these, for the SON to maintain strong financial stability, the SON needs to increase its endowment. The most generous gifts provide the opportunity to name the SON, the Helen Wood Hall Auditorium, or the skills lab or simulation center. Can you hear us Major Gift?